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Tort law deals with situations, where a person’s behavior has unfairly caused someone else to suffer loss or harm. There may be another issue of negligence that depends on the existence of a breaking of the duty of care owed by one person to another. To tarnish the reputation of someone i.e. defamation can be considered under this act. Economic torts are also parts of this law under which business persons protect people from interference with their trade or Business law assignment help.


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Contract law is based on an enforceable written or verbal agreement. The elements of a breach of contract claim are offer, acceptance and consideration. It can consist of various things, such as money, services, or the mutual exchange of promises. So, when these requisites are not fulfilled by any party, that party is liable for this under this act or law. Some regulating agencies have tremendous responsibilities, but they have limited resources and inadequate funding and staffing and suffer from information deficits due to political restraints. These can prevent them from fully realizing their legislative mandates. For example, board members of FDA voted to approve a lethal drug under the influence of drugs’ manufacturer. So, it should be prevented by making these regulatory bodies free from any influence.


Approaches to Combating Consumer Products Junk food: Approach should be adopted like banning sodas in schools, requiring fast food sellers to post calorie counts on menu board and suing McDonald’s and other firms on violation of standards. It is not satisfactory. Everybody will have to be aware about consumption of junk food and cut the amount of it.


Gun: Each firm’s obligation is to reduce the number of murders caused by shots fired from guns manufactured by that company. Numbers of murders will enforce the young generation to think that they might otherwise become violent gang members, or might work with police and community organizations.


Motor vehicles: Car companies probably focus on their vehicles’ safety features, design innovations on selling points like speed, style, and comfort. Car companies should decide to focus as well on changing driver conduct, improving roadway conditions, installing breathalyzers and increasing effectiveness of post-accident rescue.


Alcohol: There are different rules and regulation on curbing the use of alcohol. A firm should provide financial incentives for the installation of breathalyzer devices in the vehicles of persons convicted of drunk driving; it might invest in treatment efforts for drunk drivers; or it might press bars, restaurants and retailers to exercise tighter control on quantity served of alcohol (Sugarman, 2009).


Tobacco: Earlier informational efforts have been supplemented by higher tobacco taxes, laws restricting sale to minors and restrictions on cigarette marketing campaigns. Alternatively, tobacco companies might increase product prices or they might try to convince cigarette smokers to switch to a far less dangerous alternative nicotine delivery device.


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