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Research Methodology Research methodology shapes the research in a manner that is useful for the researcher to choose the best way for accomplishing the aim and research objectives. Followings are explanation and analysis for each of the research methodologies:

  1. Quantitative Methodology This research methodology uses scientific methods that include generation of models, theories and hypothesis regarding the research problems to develop instruments and methods for collecting empirical data related to the research problem. The quantitative research approach makes the researcher focused towards collection of data quantity with the help of large population because this process helps to get accurate information related to research problems. The research methodology is based on the empiricism design and positivism approach that describes, tests, and examines causes along with the relationships by the attainment of deductive process of knowledge. These quantitative approaches includes descriptive, correlation, quasi-experimental and experimental research as the elements of inquiry that help to provide sufficient information about the interrelationship between the under investigation variables and future outcomes (Cooper & Schindler, 2007). The research methodology uses experimental designs and non-experimental designs both as element of inquiry because non-experimental designs find the roots of problems and respective solutions.
  2. 2. Qualitative Methodology The term qualitative methodology includes several methods that could be used to understand and explain the social phenomena. It is presented in the research as a method of inquiry that is used in the context of social phenomenon to gather an in-depth understanding about the behavior of human and the grounds that promote such behavior.This methodology focuses on the explanation of phenomenon by the use of natural settings that could be used for making sense in the terms of the meanings people bring (Prince & Felder, 2006). This methodology includes causal, correlations, group differences as element of investigation for conducting the research study effectively. In qualitative research, the ethnographic research design and narrative design are mostly used along with the action research, qualitative case study, content analysis and so forth. In this methodology, the emerging methods, open-ended questions, interviews, observations, document and audio-visual data with the text and image analysis are used as elements of enquiry for conducting the research study significantly. The research design in qualitative methodology is dynamic research design and it uses the flexible design that can be constantly shifted with the changing phenomenon and context on the basis of method fits. 3.
  3. 3. Mixed Research Methodology The mixed research methodology works with the use of compatibility thesis or pragmatist paradigm approach that includes collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. This methodology employs rigorous quantitative research for assessing magnitude and frequency of constructs in one side and another side; it employs rigorous qualitative research to explore the meaning and understanding of constructs that is widely used in the operations research. This methodology uses sequential studies, equivalent status designs, less dominant studies and multilevel designs with levels of aggregation as the inquiry elements for conducting further research. These elements generalize the research problems and also provide detailed view to present visual picture of the procedure and respective concepts for individuals       . This research methodology follows the mixed methods research design that combines the qualitative and quantitative approaches in different stages of the research. Therefore, it uses both predetermined and emerging methods for conducting the research study that contains those questions that are open and closed ended.

4. Action Research Methodology Action research is a scientific endeavor that works as a driver to derive emancipation of the people. It is a different model of research that not only focuses to provide the researcher with an innovative technique for working data, but also encourages individuals into autonomous problem solvers in teams on the basis of collaborative methods (Craig, 2009). This methodology of research is not replacing traditional social science methodologies, but it provides a paradigm of mathematical rigor and non biased data collection for analyzing the problem and to get significant results. This research has a participatory approach that motivates the related community members to analyze the complication of research for solving the respective problems. So, it could turn the passive citizens into initiators that could take part in the implementation of change. The problem identification, collection of information, development of solutions, and implementation of the solutions is the inquiry elements for the action research methodology that develops motivated force to propel a community for getting significant results for respective problems. Action research is based on democratic research design that includes enclosure, collective decision-making, self-sufficiency, invention, a belief in public forum, and all other requirements as the elements of inquiry for conducting the study of research significantly.

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