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Electronic Coupons Marketing assignment help Followings are the advantages of electronic coupons in the context of restaurant: Increase in customer base and profitability: Online discount coupon is a special form of product marketing by which, without much financial expenses, the restaurant can create awareness in the mind of consumers related to significance of its products (Knox, 2011). So, reduction in cost can increase the profitability of restaurant. Advertising at low cost: It can make effective advertisement without involvement of human power and a lot of money, which covers more market share at lower cost. Reduction in unnecessary inventory cost: In the context of restaurant, online discount coupon can reduce the wastage of surplus foods that may create more money for organization (Knox, 2011). It is because management could determine the number of customers and demand more effectively and can manage inventory accordingly. Make effective relationships: Discount coupons for Smartphone and social networking users can help to make effective relationships between restaurant and its customers because of their interlinking relationships with the help of networking sites (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2011).


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As per marketing assignment help experts, Followings are the disadvantages of Electronic coupons: Less target market level: This type of promotion only covers the customers with Smart phones, members of social sites etc (Brown, 2011). So that, other community cannot get the benefits of electronic coupons, which reduces its target market. Less profitable: Due to involvement of fees from the sides of customers and restaurant, this approach could not be more profitable (Brown, 2011). It cannot make valuable customers that can be possible by free services. Increase ordinary customers’ dissatisfaction: This marketing approach can create discrimination factor within the related communities (Liang & Chen, 2012). It can create a negative impact among other customers, who are not benefited from these coupons.

Disagreement Related to Discount Marketing Approach The online electronic coupon has its disadvantage because it takes money by its subscribers and its issuers both that cannot create an effective relationship between customers and restaurants due to increase in overall cost for the restaurant services. Therefore our electronic coupon case study assignment help experts said that, this information can spread by social networking groups that can reduce the brand value of restaurant along with its products (Chiou-Wei & Inman, 2008). This type of marketing approach can make the loyalty for coupon service providers instead of restaurants among customers that can eliminate the repeating possibility of loyal customers. It can increase the inventory of restaurant and reduce the returns of restaurant’s investment as there will be different demand of the different customers. Electronic discount coupons could not be significant in the competitive business environment because of its limited range as restaurant can attract only particular Smartphone users that could not be sufficient to increase the brand equity of the firm. Due to increment in the cost of basic commodities and living standards, the other customers also look for different ways through which they can cut in their spending over the restaurant products (DelVecchio, Lakshmanan & Krishnan, 2009). Due to these negative impacts, this marketing practice should not be used for restaurants.   Reference Brown, C.M. (2011). 10 Pros and Cons of Using Groupon. Retrieved April 23, 2012, from http://www.inc.com/guides/201104/10-pros-cons-for-using-groupon.html Chiou-Wei, S. & Inman, J.J. (2008). Do Shoppers Like Electronic Coupons?: A Panel Data Analysis. Journal of Retailing, 84(3), 297-307. DelVecchio, D., Lakshmanan, A. & Krishnan, H.S. (2009). The Effects of Discount Location and Frame on Consumers’ Price Estimates. Journal of Retailing, 85(3), 336-346. Knox, J. (2011). Coupon conundrum. Retrieved April 23, 2012, from http://www.restaurantcentral.ca/Onlinediscountsites.aspx Liang, A.R. & Chen, H.G. (2012). Is that deal worth my money? The effect of relative and referent thinking on starting price under different promotion programs using hotel coupons in online auctions. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(2), 292-299. Shelly, G.B. & Rosenblatt, H.J. (2011). Systems Analysis and Design (9th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning. Get 100% original marketing assignment help and business assignment help from our experts. You can contact us any time for assignment help services at info@www.assignmenthelpexperts.com