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Integrated Marketing Communications Assignment Help Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a marketing approach that is used by the companies to achieve objectives of their marketing campaign through effective coordination and integration of different marketing tools and sources. In this assignment help paper, different elements of communication mix will be discussed along with their pros and cons. Overview of the created product and a detailed description of IMC approach will also be discussed. Communication message, target market, uses of internet in IMC approach and method of measuring advertising effectiveness will also be analyzed.

]Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications IMC is a strategic and systematic business planning process that is used by the business organization in order to plan, develop, execute and evaluate brand communication programs with consumers, prospects employees and other relevant internal and external audience (Yeshin, 2008). As per IMC case study experts,The main goal or objective of IMC is to generate financial returns and build long term brand value.  

Advertising: It is a form of communication for marketing that is used by the companies to encourage or persuade an audience. In addition, advertising may be defined as any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or service by an identified sponsor (Maria & Ionela, 2009). It means, advertising messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional media; including mass media such as newspaper, magazines, television commercial, radio advertisement, outdoor advertising or direct mail; or new media such as blogs, websites or text messages (Huber & Arceneaux, 2007). With the help of advertising, company can increase the market share and sales effectively. It informs to the buyers about the availability of a certain product or service in the market and encourages them to buy it. Additionally, a company can obtain feedback directly from customers regarding product or services. In contrast, it also increases the cost of a particular product or service. It also encourages monopoly in the market. In addition, advertising is very expensive & time consuming process for the company (Shimp, 2008).

Direct Marketing: It may be defined as the use of direct communication channels in order to reach and deliver goods and services to the consumer without using any marketing middleman (Ogechukwu1, Ndubueze & Uche, 2011). Tele-marketing, mobile marketing, direct mail and face to face marketing etc. are the other forms of direct marketing. Direct marketing provides a wealth of information, unlike other types of advertising. For instance, direct mail advertising is also easy to track, which allows a company to easily compute their return on investment (ROI). On the other hand, direct marketing negatively affects the goodwill or value of a company due to less expensive form of marketing communication. These types of marketing only focus on the limited numbers of consumers (Nash, 2000).  

Sales Promotion: Simply, it is a collection of incentive tools mostly short term that are designed by the business firms in order to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of a particular product or service by the consumers or trade. Sales promotion increases immediate sales of the company and support the marketer’s sales force in achieving the sales targets. In addition to this, through the effective sale promotion, a company can also increase their profitability, productivity and sales in a very short period of time. In contrast, sales promotion is a short term activity, so it cannot give profit on the long term basis. In addition, by the sales promotion, an organization can also damage their brand image in the market due to ineffective ways of promotions (Yeshin, 2006).  

Publicity/Public Relations: It is also a significant element of IMC. The aim of public relations is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about it. It promotes the image of the company in the global business environment. It also gives consumers a reason to buy a product. With the help of publicity/public relations, Business Corporation can also build a strong relation with the customers that will increase profit, sales and market share of the company effectively. On the other hand, it is more expensive as compared to other elements of IMC, because it requires more time (Beckwith, 2006).  

Personal Selling: It is also a marketing activity where an individual salesperson sells a product, service or solution to a client personally. Salespeople match the benefits of their offering to the specific needs of a client. By the personal selling, the company can get immediate feedbacks from the customers that help in the improvement of a product or service. Additionally, it is the most practical promotional option for reaching customers who are not easily reached through other methods. It also provides opportunity to build a stronger long-term relationship with the customers, because personal contact will encourage loyalty. In contrast, personal selling is a more expensive promotional tool than other promotional tools. The costs are often higher in relation to time spent labor intensive, incentives provided, training costs, lead generation and travel costs. In addition, through the personal selling, a company can only target a small area of consumers (Thatcher, 2005).

Overview about the Product & Description of IMC Clean Air-System is an innovative and advanced product that is based on the UV technology. This system makes air clean and purifiers. In addition to this, Clean Air-System removes and sterilizes harmful agents such as: germs, bacteria etc. Along with this, it’s smart air control automatically measures and controls air quality in the rooms (Philips, 2012). It can be expected from this product that it will be able to give higher standards of air clearance in environment. In addition, it will be energy saving product that will consume less electricity for its utilization. For this product, different elements of IMC will be used. For instance, to encourage the target customers, TV advertising, online internet advertising etc. will be used. In addition to this, direct marketing will not be used, because direct marketing will present negative image of the company in the market due to less expensive form of marketing communication (Huber & Arceneaux, 2007). Additionally, through this, the company can only focus on the limited numbers of consumers, so this element will not be used. At the same time, sales promotion should also be used by the company in order to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of a particular product. With the help of this element, company will be able to increase immediate sales. So, this element would be beneficial for the company in increasing their profitability, productivity and sales in a very short period of time (Yeshin, 2006). In addition to this, publicity/public relations element of the IMC will be used by the company, because with the help of this, company will establish trust among the customers and stakeholders (Beckwith, 2006). For example, by using this element, company would persuade public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about it. It will also develop a positive image of the company in the mind of the customers. Apart from this, personal selling is also employed by the company in order to build strong relationships with the customers. Additionally, the company will also get immediate feedbacks from the customers that help in the improvement of a product. It will also develop the loyalty for the company in the public. Hence, it is estimated that due to these causes, different element are selected and rejected by the company (Thatcher, 2005).

Communication Message The product is based on the UV technology that supports customers to receive clean and fresh air by maintaining fresh environment. With the help of this product, customers also enhance their satisfaction through using the Clean Air-System. It is because this product uses advanced technology that gives higher standards of air clearance in environment (Belch, 2003).

Communication with Target Market & Uses of Internet in IMC The target market for the company will be health & social care organizations, R&D department, scientific centers, retail sector etc. In order to communicate the target market, company will use social media sites, personal and direct marketing. In addition, company will also use middleman to communicate with the target markets such as hospitals (Nagel, 2007). Internet will be used in the IMC approach. For instance, company will use internet to make available the needed information about the product to the customers effectively. Through this, company will promote new features of the product in a proper manner. Internet will be effective in IMC approach of the company by providing information about various distribution channels, stores, outlets and locations where product will be available for purchasing (Belch, 2003).

Method for Measuring Advertising Effectiveness In today’s business environment, several methods are used by the companies such as direct and indirect measure of advertising effectiveness. But, direct method is most suitable method for measuring advertising effectiveness as compared to indirect method. It is because under the direct measures, a company can establish a relationship between advertising and sales (Shimp, 2008). In addition, through this method, organization can also compare the sales of two periods or two markets. In addition to this, under the direct measure, company will use historical sales method.

As per this method, company may measure the relationship between the advertising expenditure and the total sales of the product. Along with this, a multiple regression analysis of advertising expenditure and sales over several time periods may also be calculated through this method. In this way, this method is more suitable for the company (Yeshin, 2008).

Conclusion From the above discussion by our marketing assignment help experts, it is concluded that in today’s commercial era, IMC is a necessary tool for the success of any business organization. In addition, through the IMC, a company can also increase profitability, productivity and goodwill in the global business environment.

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