Business Law Assignment Help On Product Safety

Business Law Assignment Help On Product Safety Product Safety

The US government regulates product safety through CPSC, FDA and NHTSA. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protects the consumers against unreasonable risks of injuries associated with consumable products. It can ban unsafe consumer products and issue recalls of hazardous products existing in the market. It also conducts research on potential hazards associated with consumer products to ensure about safety of products and offers consumers recommendations to help manufactures.


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It also communicates with the consumers through website to know their experiences about injuries associated with unsafe products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDAregulates the impact of food industry in concern of food safety, food adulteration and food labeling or misbranding. It monitors the safety of food products through the inspection of food processing and handling facilities and the examination of food stuffs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the department of transportation that helps to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce the economic costs due to road traffic crashes by offering guidance and regulatory information to companies and general public. FDA does not regulate cosmetic products in the same way that it does for food and drugs to assure safety. FDA relies on voluntary reporting of ingredients, injuries and establishments of cosmetic products. It should use rapid technologies for the inspection of the facilities used by cosmetic companies. It will ensure that companies have used all the measures for preventing adverse health effects of cosmetic products (Business Analytics Assignment Help).


The Ford Pinto Case In the Ford Pinto case, the decision not to make a change in fuel system design to save the amount was legal but it was not an ethical decision. Company had to change the design of the product but it did not do this. It seems unethical to determine that people should be allowed to die or be seriously injured because it would cost too much to prevent it. Cost of change was estimated more than societal benefits but a price cannot be put on saving a human life. From a human rights perspective, Ford disregarded the injured individual’s rights and therefore, in making the decision not to make adjustments to the fuel system, acted unethically. So, as in this case, company was liable for the tort of strict liability.


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