Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition

Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Quality Management Assignment Help of Southwest Airline and Lufthansa Compare and Contrast: Main concern of the Southwest Airline and Lufthansa to adopt the quality management is to improve the quality of its services and provide healthy and safe services to the customers in domestic and global market. In contrast innovative programs are also used by Southwest Airline as quality standard for improving quality and effectiveness of its services in domestic market. Similarly, Southwest Airline makes use of relationship tools as a supportive factor of quality management. It is because it helps the firm to manage and run its management practices that are helpful for quality management (The Freedom to Buy and Supply: Procurement at Southwest Airlines Co, 2006). On the other side, Aviation Quality Services (AQS) is adopted by the management of Lufthansa to increase knowledge and skills of its employees towards providing safe and quality management solutions. In the area of quality management, the firm audits successfully as per the ISO 9001. So, as per the changes in market, quality management of the firms differs from each other (Quality Management, 2012).


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Similar Process in Southwest Airline and Lufthansa Both firms are using quality management in the current competitive environment as these are also aware about the quality concern of the customers. Total quality management is applied by the both firms to provide quality services to their customers. Process of total quality management adopted by both the firms is as follow: Follow of Quality control programs: To provide quality services to the customers, both firms use quality control programs in which technical training is provided by the firms to their employees. It is because; it helps employees to handle the problematic situation during offering the service to the customers. Additionally, both firms focus over low fare and high quality programs to provide quality services to their customers (Beecroft, 1999). For this, both firms treat their suppliers fairly and effectively to provide reliable, cost effective and quality services to the customers (Luthans, 1998). Implementation of Quality Standards: Quality standards are also used by these firms to ensure the optimum quality of their services. In this, both firms try to meet out the international standard for quality management systems as ISO 9001. Flight simulators are also used and implemented by Southwest Airline and Lufthansa to hire and retain the highly qualified team of engineers and maintenance staff (Quality Management, 2012). Flexibility and Creativity: Flexibility and creativity are also important part of the quality management of both firms. As to make more attractive and effective services Southwest Airline and Lufthansa both incorporate creativity and flexibility in their operations. In this, technical training to use latest equipments is also provided by the management of these firms to implement the quality management system effectively (Beecroft, 1999). Implementation of Monitoring Programs: Monitoring and inspection programs are also implemented by the firms to assure the positive outcomes of the quality control tools and process. In this, specific procedures are developed by these firms that help to identify present gap between present and required standards of quality of their services (The Freedom to Buy and Supply: Procurement at Southwest Airlines Co, 2006). Preventive and Corrective Actions: To reduce the risks during the services, preventive actions and tools are also developed by the firms. In case of any default or flaws in their services, corrective programs and actions are also taken by Southwest Airline and Lufthansa that is also similar in the quality management process of these firms (Harris & Hartman, 2001). Increase awareness about Quality: In the quality management procedure, both firms increase awareness among its employees and technical teams to provide quality services. Suggestions and recommendations are also invited by the management to improve quality of their services (Beecroft, 1999).


Advantages of Procedure to Produce Competitive Services Southwest Airline and Lufthansa both firms use technical quality management system and procedure to provide more effective and quality services to their customers as per their need and requirement. Additionally, this process also helps the firms to improve their services as per the changes in global and domestic market environment that is beneficial for them as it attracts the customers and satisfy their needs (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). Quality management system offers the benefits of providing quality services at low cost that in turn ultimately increases the customer base and profitability in domestic and international market as high quality leads to the high customer satisfaction with safe travelling environment (Beecroft, 1999).


Affect of Quality Management System on the Position of the Firms Use of technical quality management system is beneficial for Southwest Airline and Lufthansa as it improves efficiency and effectiveness of their operations to provide quality services. Competitive position is also attained by both the firms in international and domestic market as a result of providing quality services at affordable price to the customers. It refers to the positive impact of the use of TQMS in these firms (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). Additionally, logistics management is also adopted by both firms that depict; these firms are running their business effectively and are also expanded into other areas of the industry through providing more services to the customers. References Beecroft, G. D. (1999). The role of quality in strategic management. Management Decision, 37 (6), pg. 499-502. Goetsch, D. L., & Davis, S. B. (2010). Quality management for organizational excellence: Introduction to total quality (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Harris, O. J. & Hartman, S. J. (2001). Organizational Behavior. USA: Haworth Press. Luthans, F. (1998). Organizational Behavior (8th ed.). New York: Irwin McGraw-Hill. Quality Management. (2012). Retrieved from, http://www.lufthansa-technik.com/applications/portal/lhtportal/lhtportal.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=Template4&requestednode=501&action=initial The Freedom to Buy and Supply: Procurement at Southwest Airlines Co. (2006). Retrieved from http://www.southwest.com/assets/pdfs/corporate-commitments/supplier-commitment.pdf   Avail original and complete business assignment help of any topic from our experts. You will get quality assignment help services on time. You can contact us 24X7 for assignment help.