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(1) Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Co
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(3) Anita Roddick, The Body Shop
(4) Vera Wang, Vera Wang Fashions
(5) Alan Mulally, CEO Ford Motor Company
(6) Jeff Bezos,
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Introduction: Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1995 and since then company had significantly expanded its business in terms of product and service offerings, customer service centers and international sites. It is the global leader in e-commerce (Leadership Assignment Help). This paper discusses the challenges that Bezos faced in establishing and running the business. It also analyzes his leadership style and evaluates his business leadership, management and methods for motivating employees. Additionally, it also includes the impact he has made on the world through his vision, business and other areas.
Amazon Company:
The primary business of the company is online retailing business, thus, it operates as an online retailer in North America and worldwide. It operates several retail websites such as and Amazon serves several customers such as sellers, enterprises and content creators through its retail websites (Effective Leadership Assignment Help). Different programs are offered by the company that enables sellers to sell their products on its websites as well as on their own branded websites. Additionally, through Amazon web services, it also serves developer customers. Such services provide access to technology infrastructure that developers can use to enable virtually several types of businesses. Jeff Bezos had started the business with his vision of becoming a market leader in the online retail business. Jeff Bezos had faced several challenges in establishing the business. At the time, when Amazon decided to enter in the book market, he has faced the main challenge in terms of the established competition and a stodgy distribution system dominated by traditional retail outlets (Leadership and Management Assignment Help). In order to face this challenge, Bezos set off the company in a new direction.


He realized that no single bookstore can carry a comprehensive inventory of the books in print, it is the reason that he decides to open an online retail book store. Online retail book store enabled the company to get success over competitors. At the same time, he has also faced a challenge that how he will attract several customers for its services, as he has started an online retail book store. In order to resolve this challenge, Bezos strive to offer effective customer services at lowest prices. Company provides fast and reliable fulfillment, easy-to-use functionality and timely customer services. Similarly, while running the business, he has also faced the challenge. In this concern, in order to increase the market share, company had expanded its business in the international market. It also enhancing the product or service offerings and scaling the infrastructure in order to support its retail and services businesses (Project Leadership Assignment Help). Expansion increased the complexity of Amazon’s business that further places a significant strain on company’s management, operational and financial resources. It is necessary that Bezos focuses on this matter to manage business growth effectively.

Jeff Bezos leadership style:

Leadership style of Jeff Beozs is visionary leadership that introduced him as a transformational leader in the industry. He inspired followers not only to believe in the leader personally but also to believe in their own potential to develop a better future for the organization. He has the ability to promote innovation in products and technologies as well as to lead changes in the organizational mission, strategy culture and structure.


In order to get success in the global market, he realized that it will be necessary to adapt culturaldifferences. For this purpose, he has developed a successful brand through delivering a customer-obsessed business model. He has built a great Amazon strains that focus on continue growing and changing needs of customers in order to become as one of the market leaders in online retail business. Through his transformational leadership abilities, he has adapted to cultural differences. To effectively adapt cultural differences, he has focused on intangible qualities such as shared values, vision, and ideas along with tangible rules to include followers in the change process (Leadership Approach Assignment Help). He operates its business successfully in the international market through his innovative ideas, effective leadership styles and focus on effective customer services. The culture of the company is the main factor that promotes openness among people at Amazon.


Top management support this custom everyone in the company follows their different ideas of innovation. The main reason for the success of company in global market is its customer-centric approach (Project Management Assignment). Each person at the company knows that by satisfying the needs and wants of the customers as per their requirements, Amazon can build a strong customer base and can earn higher revenues and long-term profits. Bezos focus on providing effective customer services is the main driver that enables the company to stay ahead of the competition and build a global brand image for its products or services.

Leadership Style, Management and Motivation:

Transformational leadership style of jeff Bezos is also effective as it enabled the company to attain a significant market share in the market and stay ahead competition. He has effective passion and enthusiasm that also worked as a key to get investors to attain millions of dollars in financing. In addition to this, he continued to inspire employees with his vision of a new kind of retailer, as before achieving profitability, the company has struggled for several years. Beozs keeps the company innovative with some bold moves including his new vision to use Amazon’s operations, technological and logistics expertise to provide services to other companies and entrepreneurs. The company plans to rent out all things that its use to run the business, from warehouse space to spare computing capacity and data storage (Product marketing mix assignment help). Bezos is focused towards the goal of Amazon to provide books quickly to customers with effective customer services and manages all the business operations accordingly.



He empowered employees and decentralized authority to search the ways by which they can better meet with customer needs. He established strong norms for employees that guide them in their task of providing customer satisfaction (Media selection assignment help). At the same time, he focuses on appropriate selection and recruitment of employees so that they can put their best efforts towards company’s goals. Further, in order to teach new employees about the way providing excellent customer service, they are socialized by the members of their work group. Different methods that are used by Bezos in order to motivate individual and group behavior are effective. He, as a leader works closely with employees to motivate them for finding innovative and cost efficient solutions to problems. It helps him to offer several innovative products and services to its customers and gain competitive advantage in the market.


Additionally, its motivation methods are also effective in order to improve work attitude of employees and enhance their performance. Further, it improves the well-being of customers, the company and the employee. In order to motivate them, he also provides stock to them in the company (marketing opportunities assignment help). It ensures him about the delivery of effective customer services by employees.


Impact on the World:

Jeff Bezos has made an impact on the world through his vision, business, innovations and customer-centric approach. The vision of Amazon is, “to be the earth’s most customer centric company and to build a place, where people can buy anything online”. This has positively influenced the world, as different people benefited through the online business. The company he started as has become the industry standard for online sales, pioneering catalog sales online, spoiling millions of shoppers with one-click convenience during the holiday season and contributing materially to the security of internet transactions (Online Advertising Assignment Help). Bezos had the confidence to use his innovative ideas to build something benefits for the larger world. His innovative ideas are in benefits of different communities, customers and employees, thus, he has affected the world as philanthropy.


Similarly, he had used a customer centric-approach to make his business profitable. This strategy has also made an impact on the world, as it is in the promotion of human welfare. In this concern, customers attain several benefits such as improved customer services, saving of cost and time and good quality of products and services (Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help). It is because other companies also change their strategies and focus towards enhancing customer satisfaction in order to build a global brand image and improved profitability. Now days, company are focusing improved customer services as a mean of building sustainable competitive advantage in the market.



From the above discussion, it can be stated that Jeff Bazos is a successful leader, who, enabled the company to become a market leader in the online retail business. His leadership style, management and motivation to employees were effective, as the company had achieved competitive advantage over competitor. His vision, focus on customer and innovation in offerings has impacted the world positively. His innovative ideas benefited the whole community in several ways including improved customer services and reduced cost and time of searching and buying products are services. Get A++ Business Assignment help and case study assignment help from our experts. We ensure you that you will quality assignment help on time with very nominal prices. We also assure you that your personal information and assignment detail will not be discussed with others. You can contact us 24X7 at


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