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Effect of Emerging Technology Trends on E-Business and SCM E-business is mainly pioneered by the IT companies that have to look upon the constant changes in the industry. With changing demand, firms also have to introduce advanced technologies to determine the smoothness of e-business . In SCM (supply chain management), the role of technology is much vital as it provides smoothness to the activities of SCM. The emergence of technology trends has provided subsequent changes to the e-business and SCM. Most of these changes have proved to be great advantages to e-business as well as SCM.


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As per assignment help experts, following are some impacts of these emerging technology trends on e-business and supply chain management (SCM):


Optimal cost and service performance: The changing technology trends have subsequently provided effectiveness to optimize cost for e-businesses and SCM. With commoditization of application server, firms have been able to optimize the cost associated with business process in e-business. It would further help e-businesses to provide better service to their customers. Similarly in case of SCM also, with introducing technologies like RFID, it has been able to minimize the cost of supply chain. As it helps to track the supply chain at each point, it would minimize the cost associated with supply chain and will improve the performance of SCM.

Integration among processes: The emerging trends of technology have also brought integration among processes in e-business and SCM. The application server and infrastructure solution have effectively helped to determine the effectiveness of coordination between different processes of e-business. This process integration further enhances the success of firm as organization is successfully able to meet the demand of customers with this process integration. Apart from this, it also helps to keep coordination among different players of supply chain like suppliers, customers etc. With the changing trends of technology, organization is able to standardize different processes of supply chain towards a common goal.


Automation and communication improvement: With emerging trends of technology, e-business has become fully automated and fast in nature. Now, the customers are getting better service with this automation processes. At the same time, it also resulted in better communication within different models of e-businesses to determine the success. The emerging trends of technology have also brought automation and communication improvement in SCM. It has made different processes of SCM automated like procurement, planning, transportation etc. Due to this, the effectiveness and service of SCM have increased a lot.


Business Opportunities Based upon E-Business and SCM Principles E-business has opened the doors of opportunities for the organization. It showed the way organization could make money. There are lots of business opportunities based upon e-business and SCM principles that organizations can explore:


Selling goods online: Selling goods online is the foremost opportunities that organization could explore from e-business. There are lots of companies indulged in this business option and are doing quite well. eBay has successfully explored this opportunity with selling all kinds of products online. Apart from this, there are companies like Amazon.com, Macys etc. that have taken the advantages of e-business in the growth of their business. Dell is using e-business model to sell its products to cover a large market share.


Telecommunication services: The principles of SCM and e-business could also be used in telecommunication business. Organization could provide internet calls and message service through internet. During international call, the charges are high, so it is very difficult to have long duration call. Companies like Evaphone, Skype etc. Have taken good use of e-business to explore the opportunities available in the telecommunication sector. Some companies like Telstra desktop messaging and Esendex are also providing online messaging service to explore this opportunity.


Information and content provider: It is also one of the business opportunities related to e-business and principle of supply chain that organizations have explored. Companies like Google and Yahoo have seen this opportunity and explored this market. With principles of SCM, the companies collect the information and deliver to end user i.e. the users who browse these sites. The companies have explored the models of e-business to determine their growth in the new form of business as information and content provider.


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