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Memorandum                      To: Hiring Manager From Date: 20th April 2016 Subject: HR Position Requirement Purpose: This memorandum assignment help explains required reporting to identify the HR position requirement in order to fulfill operational gap at Quantum Storage Systems. In the organization, the operational gap is related to the vague understanding in the level of quality expected by the customers and quality perceived by the quality supervisors. The memorandum includes the analysis of responsibilities for the position; attribute that required by the position, performance requirements, knowledge and skills requirements and the organizational positioning of the position.


Requirements Needed: In order to fulfill the operational gap within the organization, hiring manager needs to create a job position that can be supported company to create an effective communication between customers and supervisors related to the quality of products. For this, hiring manager can create a job position of quality officer.


Responsibility for the Position: In the organization, it will be expected that the main responsibility of quality officer is to communicate with the customers and identify their preferences and tastes and deliver this information to the quality supervisors or company in order to make effective quality of products. Assignment help said that this company deals in different types of plastic, steel and wire products that need a standard quality. Quality officer will be responsible to establish a service design that fulfills the customers’ demand related to the quality of products (Youngberg, 2010).


Attributes Required by the Position: In order to finish the operational gaps within the company, there are several attributes that are required by the position. The quality officer will have the ability to communicate quality standards to the customers and gather information from the customers about their tastes and preferences in the market. The candidate for this position will also require attributes related to the ability of quality officer that is good negotiation skills, customer oriented approach, excellent analytical skills, effective leadership ability to lead projects, etc. It will be helpful for the organization to reduce the operational gaps within the organization (Thorpe & Sumner, 2004).


Position Details: The mission of Quantum Storage Systems is related to the performing best in the market and to satisfy customers through the quality products in the market (Quantum Storage Systems, 2012). With the help of this job position, company will be able to achieve its mission in an easy way. In the company, the position of quality officer will be related to create quality standards that support organization to provide quality products to the customers. This job position will also be related to the establishment of a link between customers demand related to the quality and quality supervisors in the production department. The quality officer will also be responsible for executing quality control and management methods and systems. This position will also help the organization to make accountable individual for monitoring services and products of the company to meet standards with the error-free.


Duties: At the quality officer position, the duties of individual will be related to examining the processes, items and equipment. In the plastic industry, the duties of the quality officer will also relate to the checking of different functions of quality assurance and efficiency of processes and products. Quality officer will also have duties to test production processes and modify them if needed. Quality officer will also audit and documents the test results and create and implements changes. In the organization, the duties will also be related to the fulfill customers expectations with regard to the quality of products and services (Wenclawiak, Koch & Hadjicostas, 2010).


Performance Requirements of the Position: For the quality officer position, higher performance will be expected by the individual that will support company to fulfill customers’ demands and to fulfill the operational gap within the organization. It will also be expected that quality officer creates a link between company and customers that will be supported organization to fulfill customers demands in the market. It will also be expected that through this, company also benefited by reducing operational gaps from the production processes. As per HRM assignment help experts, It will be expected that with the help of this job position, organization will also be able to attract customers towards the products and services in the market (Thorpe & Sumner, 2004).


Knowledge and Skills: For this job position, quality officer must have the ability to motivate and influence people towards the company’s products and services. In addition, quality officer also must have the skills to motivate production employees to provide their best in making products and services that will support company to achieve its mission and to receive high quality of products and services. A quality officer must also have the skills to identifying the customer’s expectations, management’s perception, evaluation of services standards and customer communication in effective way. Quality officer also must have the basic knowledge about the quality software and record keeping software. Quality officer also must have the knowledge of written as well as verbal communication skills. Officer will also be able to solve issues related to the quality, accumulate data, examine them and consider a logical conclusion (Aken, Berends & Bij, 2007). At this job position our assignment helper says that, quality officer must also have the skills of working individually on the project. It will be helpful for the company to provide overall conclusion of the process without any error. The individual also must have the multitasking skills and strong interpersonal skills.


Organizational Positioning: In order to attract more talented employees or candidates towards company, so that they can grab job opportunities, organization needs to make an effective positioning in the mind of internal as well as external candidates. It can be helpful for the company to influence more candidates for the job. Organization can also use advertisements to create effective image of the opportunities in the mind of new candidates that can motivate them to attract towards the job opportunities and provide better services in order to reduce or eliminate the operational gapes from the organization (Westcott, 2005). The job position of quality officer will be helpful for the organization to achieve its organizational goals and mission in a significant manner. The main goal of the company is to provide better products to the customers in low cost and best quality. With the help of this job position, organization will be able to assure the quality and the production processes that will be supported company to provide best quality products to the customers in low cost (Aken, Berends & Bij, 2007).


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