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Team Strategy Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization As per business strategy assignment help experts, there are different strategies available for team building. For Riordan Manufacturing, following are team building strategies:

Team Performance Profiling: Under this strategy of team building, characteristics of job that are important for team success will be identified by the team members. Next to this, team members would be asked to rate each identified characteristic on a scale ranges from 1 to 10 score. After this, the current level of team on the scale of characteristics would be judged in terms of identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Team Goal Setting: On the basis of team performance profiling, group goals will be set for the newly hired employees. Under this, shared perception of desirable goals will be included to ensure proper direction, focus and motivation of team members of Riordan Manufacturing Company.

Mutual Respect Fostering: To build the team of newly hired employees, mutual respect will be fostered that is essential to increase cohesion among team members for ensuring team success. In other words, this strategy will be used to develop understanding among team members regarding the importance of each team member in the team.

Role Clarity and Role Acceptance: Goal setting programs will be used to ensure role clarity and role acceptance among team members. Under this, what is expected from each team member will be clearly communicated by the team leader to the team members in terms of behavior, actions and process. It will increase confidence and cohesion within the team of newly hired employees at Riordan Manufacturing Company.

Effective Communication: Effective communication is another strategy of team building that will be used to ensure proper functioning of the team. Under this, effective transmitting and listening skills will be used to clarify the team messages for team members. Along with this assignment help, supportive, emphatic and open environment will be used for quality and effective communication with team members. For doing so, team meetings will be organized to discuss the concerns of team members relevant to the performance of overall team. It will also encourage sharing of valuable information, mutual respect, trust and support among team members.

Challenges:Following are challenges or barriers that may happen in building the teams: Conflicts: Conflicts may arise in building and leading new teams due to diversity issues. Employees are from different background, so it may result into conflicting situations, if the issues are not resolved properly within team . Lack of Support: If the management does not provide required support to build and lead the teams, it may also create challenging situation for the new group of superintendents. Lack of Resources: Limited resources may also result in challenging condition for team building. Lack of goal and role clarity: If the goals and roles for teams are not properly structured and communicated, it may also create problems in team building in future.

Best Strategy: Assessment of Pros: Each strategy has its own pros that will be assessed to determine the best strategy for team building. As a part of this process, pros of each strategy in terms of benefit, implications, ease of execution etc will be evaluated. Finally, strategy with the maximum amount or extent of pros will be selected to form the teams for Cardi Care Valve Heart valves of Riordan Manufacturing. Assessment of Cons: Under this, the cons of each strategy in terms of cost, time, complexity, execution processing etc will be analyzed to determine the best strategy. As a result of this, strategy with least cons will be chosen to build the teams for Riordan Manufacturing Company.

Measures: Following are measures that will be used to determine the success of team: Cohesion: Extent of cohesion within team members is directly related to team success. So, the degree of cohesion will be measured to assess the operational success of the team. Goal Achievement: Goal achievement will be used as a measure to assess the success of team. Mutual Respect: Mutual respect within the team in terms of support, trust, and understanding will be also judged through meetings and group discussion to assess their success. Role Clarity: For team success, it is vital to have role clarity and understanding that each role is valuable for team performance. So, role clarity will be also used as a measure to determine that the team is operating successfully.

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