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History of Long Term Care The concept of long-term care refers to the growth of public concern about how to manage and organize care and services for the people with disabilities, the emergence of the expensive and modern hospital and the concentration of disabilities in the later years. Our assignment help experts says that this concept used by many countries in different time and perspectives. The history of long-term care in United States that is post-1965 is largely dominated by the nursing homes. The US in the late 1700’s, most of the population was comprised with young people for the variety of reasons.

In addition, the life expectancies were much shorter because many people died in infancy or childhood. This meant that time a small percentage of the population was lived to old age. During the 1800’s less than 5% of the US population lived in the cities. Most of the population lived in the rural areas where families live together easily and cheaply. During the 1800-1899’s, the country grows quickly and also improved the healthcare sector. In this time, the families dispersed, poorhouse system comes under scrutiny, old age homes are established, hospitals and home health emerge, early retirement communities emerged and states and employer pension and welfare systems were developed.

At the time of 1900-1929’s, more old age homes were built those worked on the basis of non-profit, increase of urbanization that created problems in health care and increased the numbers of care homes. At this time, there were more cash health care benefits for the states and employers. In the year of 1940 to 1949, in the US the Hill-Burton Act created that proposed healthcare licensing system for the population. Most of the buildings were converted in to nursing homes in order to provide best health care services to the people. In the years of 1950-1959, the quality services of nursing home care become a national concern and nursing homes treated as healthcare facilities. This established for-profit nursing homes in the country. During the years of 1960 to 1969, the welfare programs of nursing home care were expended and most of the people donated money for the nursing home care.Health Care Assignment Help On Long-Term Care in USA  

Factors Impacting the Development of Long-Term Care: The five factors that impacting the development of long-term care in US as follow: Cost: The main factor that impacting the development of long-term care in US is related to the cost. The health care costs are higher in the country that affects the long-term care and also impact on the government to develop these activities in a significant manner. Most of the nursing home care charge high rates of health care that impact on the population.

Insurance Policies: Country also has complex health care insurance policies that impact on the development of long-term health care. Apart from this, most of the companies charge high-interest rates on the financing of long-term health care.

Complex Program Design Choice: It is also identified that in the country, there are also some complex program design choices including payment methodology that impact on the long-term care of patients. Long Planning and Startup Periods: In order to establish an effective long-term care, long planning is needed that impact on the startup periods and also directly impact on the development of long-term care in the country. Difficult State-Federal Policy Issue: In the US, there are also some difficult state-federal policy issues that directly impact on the development of long-term care facilities to the people. Difficulties in state-federal policy act reduce the effectiveness of programs and also influence the interest of people in long-term care programs of the government.

Current Trends in Long-Term Care and the Development The current trends in long-term care and the development of these from the earlier events are as follow:

Integration of Acute and Long-Term Care Services: In the current trends in long-term care, integration of acute and long-term care services are most important. In this, a number of initiatives taken by the states, federal and providers in order to manage the acute and long-term care. All the initiatives are also integrated by the governments in order to provide effective long-term care services to the people.

Assisted Living: This is also an important current trend in long-term care. This trend provides a combination of housing and supportive services for seniors, who do not require round the clock skilled nursing and medical care. In this trend, the hospitals and nursing homes provide personal care and health care services for the old age people. In this trend, hospitals and nursing homes provide a wide range of facilities to the people such as help with bathing and dressing, physical therapy and transportation services, personal care, housekeeping and activities etc.

Consumer Cost Sharing: The third trend in long-term care is related to the consumer cost-sharing for services by states and federal governments. The federal government established a policy that implements a system for the people in order to share their long-term care costs in different health care programs. This helps the people, who have less income and who do not fully subscribe to the services of long-term care. These trends emerge in last 20 years in the US in order to provide an effective and efficient long-term care for the old age people as well as other population in the country.

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