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Juran developed an approach that is called strategic quality management. It believes that quality does not happen by

accident but it has to be planned. He believes that SQM is a three part process and based on staff at different levels. All members of organization contribute for quality control and improvement of quality. Senior management has the strategic views of the organization, while middle managers have an operational view of quality and the workforce is responsible for quality control. Madu and Kuei also introduced strategic quality concepts. It used the term strategic total quality management (STQM) through differentiating the total quality assurance and total quality management.

They believe in quality of products and services that affects the overall performance of the firm. According to them our assignment helper said that, quality plays important role in today’s business environment because quality helps to meet customer expectations. Madu and Kuei believe that poor quality indicates the poor performance of management, while Juran believes poor quality represents the mistake or inefficiency of members in the organization. Juran considers only customers’ expectation related to quality control, while Madu and Kuei considers on customer and environment both. Juran follows horizontal approach for strategic quality management, but Madu and Kuei use both horizontal and vertical approach in controlling quality. Madu and Kuei believe that information flows on top-down and bottom-up. Juran believes that team members participate in quality control and decision making, but the Madu and Kuei considers team members, employees and important stakeholders group as important part of quality control.

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