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Case Study Assignment Help | Case study Assignment Help Example : Recruitment Advertisement According to situation of the firm, it is identified that for expanding business of the firm, it is essential to hire the candidate, who can operate the operations in overseas market and can work in different cultures and will be familiar with diverse languages. For recruiting the site manager, various key features will be highlighted in the advertising, so that suitable candidate can be hired (Edwards, Fox & Stonier, 2011). Advertisement format that will be followed for recruiting candidate for site manager position is as follow: Position and role Details:


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Position Title Site Manager for working in Belize
Date of Register Dd/mm/yyyy
Department Human resources and operations department
Grade and classification 2nd grade and Senior staff
  • Master degree in operations
  • 2-3 year experience in customer handling
  • Should be flexible for working in any part of the country
Job description Site manager will be hired for expanding business of Calidad’s in different areas of Belize and for running the operations in the country related to handling the customers for providing vehicle services.
Roles and responsibilities Will be responsible for developing infrastructure to draw tourists toward the pristine beaches, to identify opportunity for business expansion, fiscal stability of the firm, provide effective services along with solving query of the customers, for maintaining customer relationship, for taking decision related to the strategic driven, improve quality of the customer services,
Appointment Mode Full time employees
Appointment Category Fixed-term
Special requirements and knowledge area
  • Any diploma and certificate in Computer field
  • Leadership quality
  • Group working skills and capacity
  • Practical knowledge for applying concepts related to customer relationship

Above discussed format will be used to hire the suitable candidates to support the decision of Adelia Adolfo related to the business expansion of CalidadCoches in international marketplace. Additionally, to show the value of human capital, this format will be enough as it will highlight the whole requirements that are needed for the site manager and to run the operations of the firm (Anderson, 2010). It is because most of requirements that are needed for running the operations in different part of the country have been highlighted in the above advertising format that will attract to the potential participants (Edwards, Fox & Stonier, 2011). As per case study assignment help experts, Only those candidates, who have ability to meet-out the requirements of firm, will apply for the post that will reduce the chances of recruiting unqualified or unskilled employees at workplace (Gusdorf, 2008). Above format can be sent to managers via e-mail that will clarify them to hire suitable candidate for the post of site manager as this format consists of whole necessities and skills that are essential for achieving the organizational and individual objectives. This format can be distributed via e-mail or newspaper to advertise about the vacancies (Anderson, 2010).


Selection Process As the advertisement format is effective that enforced the submission of 10 current site managers letters for the post, but, only 7 vacancies are there. So, to select best and suitable candidate for the post, appropriate selection process will be used that will ensure the fair and objective oriented selection for Belizean sites (Edenborough, 2007). To test the commitment of the applied candidates, following steps will be followed in the selection process: Screening of application: In the first step, whole submitted applications will be collected and screened on the basis of basic requirements such as experience, qualification, achievements and many more. Candidate will be eliminated in this step, who will not match with the basic requirements (Cooper, Robertson & Tinline, 2003). Selection Test: In this, personality, loyalty and aptitude test will be conducted to evaluate the loyalty and commitment of the applicants towards organizational growth and success. To predict the performance through analyzing the skills and knowledge that is needed for running the job, personality test will be conducted (Gusdorf, 2008). In this, various dimensions such as managerial characteristics, interpersonal competence, self-confidence, leadership ability, patience, ambitions, etc. will be assessed. It will be beneficial for the firm to find-out the personal qualification and commitment for working at workplace. Candidates, who will be failed in the test, will be eliminated (Koster, 2007). On the other side, aptitude test will help the management to identify the perception of individual and latent characteristics to perform their roles and responsibilities. As per the experience, answers of the candidates will be evaluated that will help to choose more knowledgeable candidate for running the operations at Belizean sites (Koster, 2007). Loyalty test will also ensure to the loyalty and commitment of the employees towards organizational goals and growth. Interest of the individual will be also evaluated through this selection test. Candidates will be eliminated in this step, who will fail in any test in terms of mismatching with the requirements (Cooper, Robertson & Tinline, 2003). Interview: After selecting the final candidates, interview will be conducted in which questions related to work in different countries will be asked. Along with this, questions related with the local culture of Belizean sites will be also asked to the employees to assess their flexibility and knowledge for working in diverse culture. After interview, physical capacity and customer handling ability will be evaluated through providing real situation to candidates, so 7 suitable candidates can be hired (Koster, 2007). Above process will help to hire the suitable candidates, who can fulfill their roles and responsibilities in terms of increasing customer base at Belizean sites.   References Anderson, L. (2010). Guidebook for Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Transit Managers for Fixed-route Bus and Paratransit Systems. USA: Transportation Research Board. Cooper, D., Robertson, I. T & Tinline, G. (2003). Recruitment and Selection: A Framework for Success. USA: Cengage Learning EMEA. Edenborough, R. (2007). Assessment Methods in Recruitment, Selection & Performance: A Manager’s Guide to Psychometric Testing, Interviews and Assessment Centres. UK: Kogan Page Publishers. Edwards, L. D., Fox, A. W. & Stonier, P. D. (2011). Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Gusdorf, M. (2008). Recruitment and Selection: Hiring the Right Person. Retrieved from Koster, M. (2007). Human Resource Management: Classical Selection Methods and Alternatives. Germany: GRIN Verlag. Now you can avail Human Resource Management Case Study assignment help with Our PhD case study experts assure you that you will get perfect case study analysis assignment help services from our experts. You can first check our content or quality then you can confirm your assignment with us.