Leadership, Management Theories & Motivational Methods

At The Body shop, the different theories of leadership were applied by Anita Roddick as per the different development stages of organization. Initially, she encouraged the employees towards the organizational goals by clearing the path through which they can achieve them effectively. This leadership support encouraged the participation of employee towards organizational operations. She had not only supported but also participated with them in respect of issues encountered. This theory was fit at the initial level only as the organization was small enough to encourage each employee individually but later it became difficult as the size of organization increased due to its global expansion.

After the business expansion, the leader of The Body Shop was emphasized to maintain a harmonious relationship with employees that helped to build trust between employee and leader. With this, she enabled to bring changes that were required to achieve organizational goals by motivating them positively. Through this, she created an environment in which they became competent to face challenges themselves without the guidance. Under the leadership of Anita Roddick, the actions that were taken to manage the organization globally were based on the requirements of different situations. The contingency theory found at The Body Shop in which all the decisions were taken with the consideration of current situations. In order to motivate individual and group behavior, empowerment tactics were used by the leader as due to this, she reduced bureaucracy to greater extent from different levels of the organization.

She also facilitated various communication channels for employees that made them free to discuss any issue with the top management. It activated self-esteem among the employees that developed self-satisfaction and consequently motivation at workplace at group level. To use the appropriate compensation methods for employees, Anita Roddick evaluated employees’ performance and provided recognition and reward for their efforts at individual level, which also motivated them as their performance was being valued properly. She also followed top-down communication process at The Body Shop, which was aimed to eliminate interest and perspective conflicts and to integrate the workforce for creating shared values and beliefs. It motivated the workforce towards increasing their contribution for the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Achievements of Leader Anita Roddick was the first social entrepreneur around the world, who came with the vision that includes benefits for the society. The mission of the company is to create changes in environmental and social concerns with its business activities. It reflected that the company works for the betterment of society and other living things, which also attracted other organizations towards the consideration of social and environmental values in their business operations. The vision and mission of the company developed new business model that was based on Corporate Social Responsibility. The business of The Body Shop is driven by the values that integrate profit with ethical principles. The founder of the company had a strong commitment to protecting the environment, human rights and animals. There are some core values that were included in its business principles such as protest against the product testing on animals, support the SMEs and human rights, embrace business responsibility to protect the environment, promote community volunteer etc. This was an effective initiative that was taken towards the protection of environment and society. Due to this, many other companies also initiated and incorporated CSR model within their business strategy.

This vision of the firm had a significant impact over the other business activities in the world as it increased awareness among governments and people for accountability of the business towards community and environment. The idea of offering fair business conditions to suppliers, giving something back to society in terms of welfare and benefit, and protecting the environmental resources were initiated and enforced effectively at corporate world by Anita Roddick. The concern of society and environment become a trend in business world and due to this, the founder of The Body Shop influenced the world greatly. Conclusion Thus It can be determined by our business assignment help experts from the above discussion that the leadership played an effective role to manage the cultural differences and to motivate the employees positively at The Body Shop. With the unique business principle and values of leader, this company created a new era of CSR and exclusive position around the globe for itself as well. Get A++ Business assignment help services from our experts. You can first check our quality content assignment help paper services then you can confirm your assignment with us.

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