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As per business leadership assignment help experts, In current business environment, leaders play a crucial role to

 operate the organization in a remarkable manner as their styles, approaches, philosophies, actions etc., are quite effective to manage business operation at global level effectively. The operations of business organization have become more complex that requires proper guidance, which is provided by the leaders. Some global companies such as The Body shop, Apple Inc., Ford Motor etc. are successful due to the effort of their leaders.

About Leader and Business Anita Roddick is founder of The Body Shop that is world’s most successful retail chain of cosmetic and related products. She started the business with a single shop at Brighton in 1976 and being a leader, she has sprung number of franchises around the world. The core business of The Body Shop is to produce and retail beauty products. To built success for the company, Anita Roddick tried to integrate two main concepts within its core business. First was to produce personal care products to earn profits and another was to create a medium of social welfares and take environmental concerns. At the initial level, Anita Roddick operated a restaurant and hotel and due to overworked, she needed a change for herself.

She and her husband, Gordon, needed money to survive with their two daughters. With some experience, to make different cosmetic products she mixed together ingredients and developed new quality products. The Body Shop situated between the two funeral parlors and due to this, the publicity of the shop became necessary. For this purpose, she had not enough money and due to this she wrote labels on bottles for returning the bottles again to her to reuse. From this, the era of recycling started and ten months later, she opened a second store of The Body shop. At that time, banks have not sanctioned the loan to women as they were only opened for men and it become the major challenge for Anita Roddick. She did not have enough finance to operate the business at large scale. Although she had superb business plan for future, but due to lack of finance, she was incapable to execute the plan. The lack of finance was the major constraint for her, but she began to market her product with the cheapest bottles with a cheap logo as well.

The other challenge that she faced to establish the business was to create balance between family and business. She also had responsibility of two daughters that has to be fulfilled by her. She worked late night at the shop and also took care of children as well that made her fatigue, but with her enthusiasm, she managed very well that emerged as most influential leader. To gain the trust of consumers, suppliers, as well as employees due to lack of any financial support and name, was also major challenge for Anita Roddick. In regard to cosmetic products, customers are very conscious about their skin and related products that they used to maintain it. Due to this, as new company in cosmetic industry, it was difficult to gain trust of consumers. With social activities, she enabled to attract large consumer base within the given industry.

Leadership Style and Cultural Differences As a leader of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick used different leadership style at the different level of organizational development and managed business operations in most successful manner globally. In earlier years of the company, she did not have any plan to run the business in such large scale as the only mean to run business was to earn income for her family. Later on, it guided by a vision that basic theme was to environmental aspects, peace etc. The leadership style that found at The Body Shop in the initial stage was responsible leadership. You can also avail leadership case study assignment help from our experts. Being a responsible leader, she understood the responsibility of corporate organizations in regard to other livings of earth. It was the first company that raised voice against the cosmetic companies those were tested their products on animal in order to tailor the ingredients.

Anita Roddick has not only attracted organizations towards the CSR, ethics and business role in society, but her actions had a sustainable impact on the business legislation, standards in regard to stakeholders and other environmental aspects. Later on, she transformed organization and people towards her vision to dedicate the business in order to recreate social and environmental changes. She continuously stimulated challenge as well as stretched workforce towards the organizational vision and transformed the business operations at all levels. With the proper consideration of responsibility towards the societal and environmental concern, Anita Roddick managed innovation and creativity by applying the transformational leadership at The Body Shop. This leadership style helped her to acknowledge and integrate its business vision at the each component of organization. The cultural differences exist at varied levels such as national, organizational, regional, and industrial.

The same organization that have varied departments also create distinct cultural environment. In the leadership of Anita Roddick, every product is manufactured with the consideration of cultural aspects of varied ethnic groups. In the marketing messages, it respected ethnic beauty first and maintained its individuality as well. At the same time, to promote the products at global level, she did not allow to use the models that very thin and young. The faces that enable to represent the beauty of particular ethnic group with honor were used to promote the products of The Body Shop in the different countries of the world. The consideration over cultural diversity enabled her to attract large consumer base. By respecting the cultural diversity, she provided flexible workplace to employees in the organization. The responsible and transformational leadership helped her to motivate the employees with the consideration of cultural diversity, which helped the business to perform the business operations in more efficient and effective manner.

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