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CAPM would be used by the investor to make the personal investment decisions. It is because; CAPM correlates market return and security return. As per the CAPM method, the Investors can expect returns from their investment according to the risk. With the use of CAPM, the investor can identify the time value of money. Additionally our CAPM assignment help experts says that, CAPM provides investors a way to predict the return of an asset for its level of systematic or market risk.


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CAPM rests on a number of assumptions, which allow it to focus on the relationship between return and systematic risk. This method also suggests to the investors about the risk and return associated with an instrument, market or portfolio. As per business assignment help experts, CAPM also tells to the investor about whether the instrument is over-priced or under-priced. CAPM thus help investors to make sound investment decisions especially in screening the instruments, which offer sufficient return for the risk taken. With the use of CAPM, the investor can optimize their portfolio for suitable risk-return levels. By this method, the investor can calculate investment risk and what return on investment should expect. Hence, to make the personal investment decision, an investor should use the CAPM to know the risk and return with the assets.


Main Message of the CAPM The main message of the CAPM is that the rate of return one should expect to earn on a particular investment is only related to the systematic risk of the security, not to its total risk. In the CAPM context, portfolio risk is represented by higher variance that is less predictability. Beta estimation of portfolio through CAPM model helps the investor to determine the systematic exposure of the investment return. According to CAPM model, an investor should not take on any diversifiable risk, as only non-diversifiable risk can be considered a major factor that influences the return of investment. Therefore, the required return on an asset that compensates for risk taken must be linked to its riskiness in a portfolio context.


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