Roles of Learning & Memory Theories in Marketing Strategies

Learning is the knowledge and skills that are obtained through the experience, study and teaching. In other words,

learning is the process by which one’s behavior capabilities can be changed through result of experience. An individual’s learning is the permanent change in the behavior that is stimulated by his experience. The theories of learning and memory are significant to develop marketing strategies of a company.

These theories generate responses of the consumers by stimulating them through marketing strategy. The human beings display several stimuli with a new day due to changing situations in the environment. In addition, learning and memory theories help the marketing managers to develop effective marketing strategies, because they can understand consumer behaviors. Along with this assignment help said that, learning and memory theories play a significant role in acquiring new information and knowledge of the products and services. Learning obtains knowledge of current practices as well as memory helps to enable past experiences. For example, learning covers association between consumers and product logo (i.e. Coco-Cola) to give their response (i.e. refreshing soft drink) . These learning and memory theories explain the thinking and capacity to store knowledge of the consumers. A marketing manager can develop marketing strategy by focusing on simple stimulus-response connections with the help of behavioral theories that is a learning theory. In addition, cognitive theories can be used as complex-problem solvers that can learn rules and concepts through observing others. Thus, it is very important for a marketer to understand the basic learning principles, as these are the heart of several consumer buying decisions.

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