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Development of an effective motivational action plan requires consideration of the motivation of each of the team members and selection of appropriate strategies and theories in order improve their motivation level (Brock & Green, 2005). Recently, Riordan Manufacturing hired a person to carefully examine the self-assessments of its employees.
This paper discusses a motivational plan that is created on the basis of assessment information of employees in order to enhance their motivational level. This assignment help paper also defines motivational strategies that would be most appropriate for each of three employees. Additionally, it also discusses the relationship between the selected strategies and different motivational theories.

Motivational Strategies and their Relationship with Motivational Theories: From the assessment, it is identified that among three employees, one of the employees has intense desire to achieve. In regard to this, he has some basic characteristics such as perform activities that provide immediate feedback, moderate risk taking abilities, preoccupation with the task and accomplishment behavior. In this concern, the motivational strategy that would be beneficial for this employee is empowerment. Under this strategy, the company will give employee adequate authority, trust and encouragement in order to complete a particular task (Daft & Lane, 2008). Additionally, Riordan will also provide him opportunities to make individual decisions. The firm will also promote entrepreneurship activities under this strategy. In addition our assignment help experts said that, this activity will motivate the employee in order to share new ideas and work for those ideas.

This strategy connects to the McClelland’s need theory. He has described three types of basic motivating needs such as power need, affiliation need and achievement need or motive that helps employers to enhance employees’ motivational level (Nelson & Quick, 2012). This employee’s need is the achievement need that can be fulfilled through incorporating empowerment activities. The second employee is not performing well on her current job. At the same time, she has adequate skills and knowledge that can be beneficial to the company. The motivational strategy that is preferred by Riordan for this employee is redesigning of the job. Under this strategy, the company will introduce her into a job rotation or to different job and tasks for a short period of time. In this way, the company provides her a chance to perform the job, where she can perform better as compared to other jobs. Moreover, this strategy can encourage higher levels of contributions and enthusiasm in the employee and will motive her to enhance his commitment level towards the organization (Montana & Charnov, 2008). Through this, Riordan will recognize her accomplishments and evaluates her progress to identify the area, where she performed better and effectively utilized her skills and capabilities. Along with this, there is also need that Riordan Manufacturing sets SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-oriented) for this employee to analyze her motivation level (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2011).

All these strategies connect to the goal-setting theory of motivation. According to goal-setting theory of motivation, employee behavior is a result of conscious goals and intentions. It is the reason that by setting appropriate goals for people, managers in different organizations can influence their behavior. The success of this theory depends on the ability of managers with the assignment help of which, they understand the processes by which people set their goals and then work to attain those (Landy & Conte, 2009). For example, Riordan manufacturing can set a goal for this employee like increasing productivity by 5 to 10% on the job under job rotation strategy. If the employee is able to attain this goal on a particular job, it will show that Riordan selects an appropriate motivational strategy to enhance employee motivation and morale (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). Third employee at Riordan Manufacturing helps the company to meet organizational objectives through his performance accomplishments. In order to enhance the motivational level of this employee, it is necessary to design an attractive and effective reward system or strategy (Borkowski, 2009). As per business strategy assignment help experts By considering the below elements in the motivation strategy,

Riordan can implement an effective reward system to motivate this employee:

  • Reward system should satisfy basic need of all employees,
  • Rewards should be comparable to ones offered by competitors in the same area,
  • They should be available to people performing the same position and be distributed equitably and fairly (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006).
  • There should be different kinds of rewards such as promotion, pay, and flexibility to work, recognition, etc as well as different kind of activities to attain these rewards.

As, the employee is performing better in his current job, by implementing the reward system that is based on employee performances, would be able to increase the motivation level of this employee. This motivational strategy relates to equity theory of motivation. According to this theory, people are motivated when organizations maintain a fair relationship between their performance and reward in comparison to others. This theory works on two main assumptions, first, people make contributions for which they expect certain rewards, and second, individuals compare their inputs and outcomes with others in order to decide whether a particular exchange is satisfactory (Fiore, 2004). Additionally, this motivational strategy also relates to the Porter-Lawler model of motivation. This model helps in explaining the complex relationship that is found between job attitudes and job performance.

Effort, performance, rewards and satisfaction are some important elements of this model that are helpful for managers to enhance the motivational level of employees (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006). Therefore, by using this theory and implementing the motivational strategy (creation of effective reward system) will be helpful for the company to enhance the motivational level of third employee. Conclusion On the basis of above discussion by our business assignment help experts, it can be stated that building of motivational action plan that is based on the characteristics of individual employees will be helpful for the company in order to increase the employee motivational level. It is because on the basis of employee evaluation, the company can make effective motivational strategies that are based on their personality traits. Riordan Manufacturing can also increase the motivational level of employees through making effective motivational action plan and selection of appropriate motivational strategies.    

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