Case Study Assignment Help on Motivation and Adult Learning

Case Study Assignment Help on Motivation & Adult Learning

Introduction Motivation is a psychological term, through which one can develop enthusiasm to do some work. This motivation affects learning of an individual at various levels of life such as job level, daily routine level, personal level etc. In today’s time, an organization includes all type of people like adult, young and old at the workforce. In order to motivate all the employees, leader has to maintain close relationship at individual level (VanNoord, 2007). In this adult learning case study assignment help paper, aspects of motivation and adult learning are going to be discussed. It also includes principles of andragogy and its impact on design and delivery of online learning.


Motivation and Adult Learning In today’s competitive corporate culture, inclusion of adults has become very popular. It is because; adults have more enthusiasm and passion to learn new things. Due to this, every organization’s managerial level become more active towards the creation of motivational strategies to enforce adult learning into the structure. Adult learning includes educational learning, workplace training or self improvement. In this type of learning, adults are always in hurry to get instructions, which they can apply to their job and life (Wlodkowski, 2011). Therefore, motivation is high and basic aspect to get more advantages of such learners’ skills and abilities. Motivation in adults can differ on the basis of choice and place such as, at work place, one wants to achieve promotion, get secure professional status and be a qualified & competitive individual. On personal level, it may include to expand social network, to relive boredom, to have a break from work and home etc. In relation to such preference, adult learning and motivation work altogether as they fulfill each other’s requirement effectively. In-spite of this relation, motivation comes with barriers for adult learners. The changing behavior of adults creates confusion for leader to set motivational strategy (West, 2012). Also, some overconfident adults demand high profit from organization before the completion of work that can develop conflict situation in structure.


Principle of Andragogy and Motivation The principle of andragogy is a term thatis established to develop motivational way for adult learners. It is an approach that totally focuses on learner with the aim to teach adults efficiently. Generally, adults get motivated towards learning program, when they satisfy their intrinsic need and get solution of their problems. This approach includes six assumptions such as need to know, self concept, role of learner’s experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation to learn (Shimp, 2008). The learner needs to know states the motivation because adults need to know why they learn something or spend time over something. Therefore, motivation is the only answer of such question. Second assumption the learner’s self-concept is derived with self-determination theory. This motivates a person with self-realization of his/her abilities to learn something new and challenging. Another principle of andragogy is established as the role of learner’s experience, which states that an individual will to learn new experience as compare to past one (Wang, 2010). It is not directly related to motivation as if one had bad experience in past with instructor, it can destroy new instructor image. Sometimes readiness to learn occurs, when adults identify need to learn. This relation drives motivational aspect in learning program of adults. On one hand, this principle focuses on engaging adults in learning but on other hand, it focuses on engaging adults as they learn. Orientation of learning principle gives motivation as adults are comfortable with (Houde, 2006). Lastly, intrinsic motivation principle is most strong aspect to motivate adult learner to take part actively in learning program.


Implications of Andragogical Principles’ over Online Design and Delivery of Adult Learning Online design of adult learning with andrageogial principles can be quite useful for an organization. Distribution of sources and notes on internet for adult learners helps them to learn and remind tasks anytime, anywhere. This facility defines the principle of need to know as through online curriculums that includes purpose of program. Similarly, insertion of e-tools in learning program encourages learners towards critical thinking and self-motivation that directly indicates intrinsic motivation (Cercone, 2008). In-spite of this importance, online learning design indicates active learning of adult learners, which helps them to formulate learning objective, decision-making, self-regulation, etc. The design and delivery of e-learning provide a space for learners’ previous experience and practical skills that helps instructor to motivate new learners (Downs, 2009). Conclusion From the above discussion, it can be determined that motivation plays vital role in adult learning. As it can help learners to learn more and change their workplace and real life behavior with the help of andragogy principles.   References Cercone, K. (2008). Characteristics of adult learners with implications for online learning design. AACE Journal,16(2),137-159. Retrieved from Houde, J. (2006). Andragogy and motivation: An examination of the principles of andragogy through two motivation theories. ERIC. Shimp, U.R. (2008). Evaluation of the Distance Education Literature: A Content Analysis Using the Institute for Higher Education Policy Benchmarks and Selected Bibliometric Methods. ProQuest. Wang, V.C.X. (2010). Assessing and Evaluating Adult Learning in Career and Technical Education. Idea Group Inc (IGI). Downs, L.J. (2009). Negotiation Skills Training. USA: American Society for Training and Development. VanNoord, M.L. (2007). Identifying Factors of Motivation in Adult Learners Returning to Higher Education in Nursing. ProQuest. West, L. (2012). Beyond Fragments: Adults, Motivation And Higher Education Culture and Society Series. Routledge. Wlodkowski, R.J. (2011). Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching All Adults. USA: John Wiley & Sons.  Avail 100% original and quality business assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get authentic content assignment help from our experienced assignment writers of US,UK and Australia.