Case Study Assignment Help On Two Model Application

Case Study Assignment Help On Two Model Application Model 1: Circle of Conflict

                                 Relationship The rumor that Norma had a relation with the head of her department and due to this, she achieved corporate success made her all hard work and efforts waste in the organization (Furlong, 2010). On the other hand, Norm wants to achieve a work life balance by spending time with his family along with working for the organization. He is not much dedicated or hard worker like Norma. External/Moods: Due to the approach by Norm for taking permission of work from home, Norma gets upset. After finding Norm had a talk about Norma with staff members, Norma gave warning to Norm. As per Norm, Norma is much dedicated towards work and wants everybody to work like her. He thinks that Norma does not have family, so she does not care about the family values of other employees. Structure: Norma is not satisfied with the organizational structure. She got a new project and wants to get most of it by working hard on this project. According to Norm, by working from home also, the group can achieve the project related goals successfully. Interest: To reach at higher corporate ladder is the interest of Norma by working hard on the given project. To work from home on timely basis is the only interest of Norm. Data: As per Norma, Norm spread a negative word of mouth about her to the employees, because she has not allowed him to work from home. As per Norm, Norma does not understand the working life balance related requirements of Norm. Due to this, he started spreading rumors about Norma, which spoiled her image before her staff members. Values: For Norma, work and career progression is value, while Norm values work life balance and family.

Model 2: Triangle of Satisfaction Procedural: Norma provides opportunity to have a fair go by talking professionally. Norm only puts his own point of view (The Satisfaction Triangle, 2004). Emotional: Norma does not talk about personal and emotional aspects during negotiation. Norm talks about his personal aspect during negotiation with Norma for work from home. Substantive: Norma talks about intangible things like respect and consideration by working on big project. Norm talks about tangible things like time during negotiation to get the permission for working from home. Hence, it can be said that interest and values of Norm and Norma influenced the conflict. References Furlong, G.T. (2010). The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models and Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Conflict. John Wiley & Sons. The Satisfaction Triangle. (2004). Retrieved from   If you are looking for business case study assignment help and business assignment help then you can send us your assignment. Our business experts ensure you that you will get original and complete assignment help services of all subjects. The main future of our business experts is that they have fifteen years experience of writing assignments for the students of US, UK and Australia. Students who need management case study assignment help can touch with our 24X7live support system or can send e-mail at