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Coca-Cola Advertising Plan Marketing Assignment Help The Coca-Cola Company is one of the worlds largest and most popular beverage company, refreshing its consumers with approximately 500 sparkling and still brands. The company portfolio boasts 15 billion dollar brands along with Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitamin water, Minute Maid, Simply, Powerade, Georgia and Del Valle.It is no. 1 provider of beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks all over the world. The company serve consumers in more than200 countries. As per marketing assignment help experts company success in present is all because of its effective advertising plans and campaigns used to promote and effectively position its different brands. One such campaign of Coca-Cola brand Coke Zero discussed here is “The Impossible made Possible”.

Coke Zero – The Impossible made Possible The impossible made possible is one the latest campaign of Coke Zero to promote this brand of Coca-Cola  due to the criticisms confronted in last some years. Several campaigns were there to stop the use of Coke Zero that is been tried to be addressed with the help of this campaign (Coca-Cola Marketing Assignment Help). The effectiveness of this campaign as Coke Zero advertising is analyzed here by identifying the different elements of it in the following manner:

Advertising Message: The advertisement created with this campaign show that youth can made impossible into possible. The advertisement tries to continue to build the brand and create loyalty in order to drive home the intrinsic message of “Real Taste – Zero Sugar”. The ads regarding this campaign continue to focus on the depiction of different real life situations and ideals aimed at brand’s target male 20-something consumer (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help). With over-the-top humour, the TV ad features the “hero” wakening next to a girl in her untidy bedroom. As she strolls off to the shower, he gets in every young man’s most awful nightmare when, as he reaches for a cooled bottle of Coke Zero, her father starts knocking on the gate. After taking a sip of the drink, the tagline “‘Coca-Cola Zero’ presents ‘The Impossible Made Possible’” flashes on screen as a SWAT team comes down through the window to help neat the flat (Online Advertising Assignment Help).

Whom Advertising Message is directed: The advertising message is directed at youth around the age of 20 years in regard to the impossibilities they confront in their real life and daily situations. The impossible made possible ethos depicted throughout this campaign are totally directed at maintaining the brand Coke Zero and for this youth around the age of 20 are targeted as they really feel refreshing to have a drink and associate with the personalities depicted in ads (Advertising and Sales Promotion Assignment Help).

Relationship between Consumer Behaviour and Target Market: The relationship between consumer behaviour and target market is quite effective as depicted in this ad. Usually the youth prefer to consume something that goes viral and gives a sense of authorization. The consumption of Coke Zero gives a sense of converting impossible into possible that in turn is helpful in developing a strong relationship between consumer behaviour and target market. The ad and the title selected to maintain brand loyalty is quite significant and this is the key reason of effective relationship between consumer behaviour and target market (Advertising Campaign Assignment Help).

Product Positioning: The new campaign of Coca-cola, supported by a movie-style TV advertisement for Coke Zero is quite effective. It is becoming very popular in youngsters. With this campaign, the company communicates with its consumers that it claim to deliver a great taste with no sugar. The product Coke Zero is positioned with the help of competitive positioning against Coca-Cola competitor Pepsi (Marketing Assignment Help on Internet Advertising Media). With the help of competitively positioning, the company is trying to enlarge its target audience and strengthen its product positioning in the market relative to its competitor. The positioning used to position Coke Zero is quite significant as, it is essential in present for the company to strengthen Coke Zero’s position as otherwise it could lose its position in coming time.

Advertising Media: I have seen this advertisement in different advertising media like TV, Cinema, Outdoor and Digital media on YouTube as, the company had used different media for it. Use of different advertising media in present is essential to make a campaign successful. Use of different advertising media by Coca-Cola for its new campaign for Coke Zero directed it towards immense success and popularity among youngsters. In present, most of the youngsters believe in following products going viral through internet and for this it is vital to use internet as an advertising media. Use of digital platform and TV push centers directed Coke Zero toward significantly extending its target market size.

Changes in Product Positioning and Advertising Message: The product positioning and the advertising message selected as per the need of time are appropriate, but it could have been improved a lot by focussing on product quality or attribute. Our business marketing assignment help experts says that The advertising message that Coke Zero could help youngsters in making impossible into possible is effective but if it would have focussed more on product would have more effective. The message given through this campaign focus more on connotation instead of product attribute or quality. The message also needs to include the attributes of Coke Zero in comparison to the attributes offered by its competitors so that message could become more effective.

Creation of Advertising Message: The advertising message is created with the help of Grey Kobenhavn agency. Use of agency for creating advertising is one of most effective way to create an appealing advertisement and attract target customers. The agency helped the company in creation of a fully-integrated communication campaign with effective advertising message. This advertisement is developed on everyday appeal of the brand, the tongue-in-cheek attitude, with effective tone, advertising media, message etc. The new campaign created by the agency will run over six months on TV, cinema, outdoor, and digital advertising. Without taking help of agency, it was not possible for the company to create a popular and effective communication campaign that is vital to support a product or strengthen its position such as Coke Zero (Advertising Campaign Planning Assignment Help).

Use of Resources: Yes, the campaign created entails an effective use of resources. All resources are used effectively in this and this is the reason for the success of this campaign. Without an effective use of resources, it was not possible for the agency and the company to be able to create such an appealing and fully-integrated campaign. Selection of story, message, time to run advertisement, graphics, individuals, real-world situations, advertising media etc all were planned effectively to deliver a significant message that impossible could be made possible with Coke Zero that has real taste and no sugar. All resources were used carefully and in a balanced way that in turn directed the agency towards the creation of a significant and effective advertisements.   If you looking for marketing assignment help or marketing case study assignment help then you can contact us anytime. We assure you that you will get best quality help from our side.