Part time job in Australia for International Students

Part time job in Australia for International Students 

Part time job in Australia for International Students : Australia has become the most desired study country in the world. People love to study here, as education system is

great for the international students. Students came from the different countries need to do work as they can get extra income to survive.  It also helps them into their living experience. Here our assignment writing help experts are telling you some way to get the part time job in Australia.

Paid Work for Part Time: Australia is the hub for the international students so its easy to gets work for extra income. some range of industries has part time work such as:

Retail: You can work in retails shops like Department store, supermarkets, or clothing stores. After the college, you can work here.

Tourism:  Tourism industry has part time for the students in hotels or motels.

Hospitality: Cafes, bars, and restaurants have the part time job for the students. Internationals students can give their part time to work.

Agriculture: farming or fruit picking are also part time job is available here. Agriculture students may find some benefits through this work. Sales and telemarketing, Tutoring, Taxi-Driving are various works here for the international students.

Volunteering: Students may become volunteers for the Non-government organizations (NGOs) or charities to help.  As part time they can join NGOs and do their work, it will help to know work experience.

Don’t forget your rights: You have some rights while working in Australia. Some rights as below you need to know:

  • You have the rights regarding the minimum wage for your work. Nobody can deny for this.
  • You can challenge the unfair dismissal You have to get a notice before the dismissal.
  • You have the rights to have breaks or rest-time during the work.
  • A healthy and safe work environment: According to law, company should have a incurrence policy as you can hurt during the work.

Some other ways to find work such as Newspaper and check notice board of the couching centre or shops etc. Also Students who need  marketing assignment help or any other subject assignment help can touch with our 24X7 live support system or can send e-mail at