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Coca Cola Human Resource Case Study Assignment Help Introduction Recruitment is an essential and important part of an organization. Through the effective recruitment, companies appoint skilled and experienced employees or candidates, who help companies to make effective operations in the market and to achieve competitive advantages from the international market. Supportable recruitment process also helps the companies to make effective culture in the organizations, which is beneficial for organizational to make better operations and strategies in the national as well as international market (Nankervis, Compton & Morrissey, 2009). This Coca Cola human resource case study assignment help paper analyses different types of information that needs to make informed human resources decisions with the help of a unique examples of Coca-Cola. This paper also analyzes the company’s recruitment process and also provides recommendations for improvement. This paper also discusses the company’s labor relationship, training and diversity practices in order to access the HR policies. In the end, this paper also communicates the organization’s compensation policy.


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About Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola is a leading beverage company in the world. Company deals in different types of beverages such as soft drinks and juice. Company operates its business in more than 200 countries of the world. Company has 146200 employees through out the world those serves 3500 beverages to the customers. In the world, company also serves 1.8 billion customers per day that helps the company to achieve competitive advantages in the international market. The Coca-Cola Company has more than 275 worldwide bottling partners, those works together for the refreshment of customers and to drive the global success. Company has a strong portfolio of products, from diet and regular sparkling products to still beverage. Company deals in fruit juice, fruit drinks, waters, sports and energy drinks, teas, coffees, milk and soya based beverages (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012). Company’s mission statement is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness and to create value and make a difference in the products that support company to attract customers in the markets. Through the people of Coca-Cola, company tries to achieve its mission and vision that support company to develop the profile of employees (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012).


Types of Information Company Need In order to make informed human resources in the organization, company needs to develop their understanding about the market trends and customers’ tastes and preferences. With the help of this information, company creates effective human resources decisions. Through this information, company also develops its understanding about the customers’ tastes that support the company to know, what types of employees are needed in order to satisfy customers’ needs and wants in significant manner. Company also collects the information about market trends that are currently going on (Kurtz & Boone, 2008). This helps the company to recruit more skilled and experienced candidate for the organization through out the world. Market trends are also supporting for the company to make more effective product portfolio and also supports to improve understanding of employees about how to serve products in the market. Understanding of market trends also provides the directions to the company or employees to make a supportive culture that helps the company to take decisions about the products and the development of employees’ life style in the market or in the society. In order to make informed human resource decisions, company would also need to collect the information about competitors in the market (Turner, 2005). Collecting information related to the competitors would also be beneficial for the company to develop its understanding about the competitors’ policy that would be supportable for Coca-Cola to motivate employees towards the company and its services. Company would also need to define and describe all the jobs to the employees in effective way. It would be helpful in informing employees or human resources in significant manner about the job and their responsibilities (Kurtz & Boone, 2008). Through the job description, company would also be able to create effective work culture in the organization that supports employees as well as company to achieve competitive advantages in the market.


Recruitment Process In order to recruit skilled and experiences employees for the organization, company has well established and effective recruitment process. This recruitment process also supports the company to define the job responsibilities as well as job in proper manner. To recruit people for the jobs and position, company follows both internal and external recruitment process that support company to recruit skilled and experiences employee for the job. Company also follows well establish recruitment process that including the advertisement and registration, application, shortlist, first interview, psychometric testing, second interview, references and offer (Laroche & Rutherford, 2012). To recruit employees, company also follows hybrid technology that supports company in reducing carbon emission. In this, company uses internet or computer and provides advertisements of jobs on internet with the registration form. In the advertisements, company provides the detailed information about the jobs, qualification and abilities that are needed in a candidate to assign that job. After receiving applications on internet, company shortlist the candidates for the job. In most of the time, company shortlist only 8 to 10 candidates for the single job at a time. After this, company or recruitment team matches some or all of the criteria that are needed for the particular job. In this, company or recruitment team can cut the candidate list by 3-5 candidates and approach them for the first interview (Price, 2007). In internal recruitment, company uses different or various resources such as present permanent employees, present temporary employees, retired employees, etc. It helps the company to select skilled and experiences employees for the job. For this, company uses internet to recruit internal employees. In this, company also uses staff notice boards, in house magazines, news letter, internal notice, meeting and personal recommendations, etc. (Masterman, 2012). On the other hand, company also uses external recruitment process to recruit external or fresh candidates for the job. For this process, company approaches the internet, company websites, press advertisements, placement agencies, educational institutions, employee references, employee referrals and labor contractors, etc. (Laroche & Rutherford, 2012).


Recommendations To improve the recruitment process, company should need to add some more steps in the recruitment process. It can be helpful for the company to select or recruit more skilled and experienced candidates from external. In this, company should create more effective advertisement process that can be helpful for the company to attract skilled labors or employees for the job. Company should also approach other companies’ employees for the jobs. It can be helpful to improve recruitment process by selecting more effective and appropriate candidates for the company.


Labor Relations Employees are the most important assets for the company. In the Coca-Cola Company, relationship with the labors or employees are stronger that support company to motivate them towards the job and culture. Coca-Cola also has some policies that support in creating stronger relationship with the employees or labor. Company is committed to provide effective labor practices and welfare of employees that support company to reduce discrimination. In order to create effective relationship with the labor, company has opened door policy that supports employees to develop the understanding of company about the problems that employees faced in their life as well as in work (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012).


Training Company also provides training to the associates or employees through the different educational courses. In this, the Coca-Cola University (CCU) helps the associates to provide wide range of training in different fields such as leadership, finance, marketing, human rights, ethics and compliance, diversity, sustainability and other competencies. Company also encourages the employees to receive training through annual performance review system. It helps the employees to create detailed discussion about the mid year and year end career plans with the other associates or managers (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012).


Diversity Practices In its recruitment process, company also follows diversity. Company sees diversity as more than just policy and practices. Company believes that diversity is an integral part of the company that provides the directions to operate business and see future in the market. It helps the company to achieve competitive advantages in significant manner. Diversity at workplace also supports the company to create work environment that provides opportunities to the associates of equal access of information and development of their work as well as personal life. Company also seeks to build an effective working environment that support company to develop multi culture environment and leverage global team of associates, which has talent and ideas (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012). In the practices, company also follows various diversity education programs and resolution resources programs that support company to make effective diversity in workforce as well as at work place.


Compensation Policy In order to promote employees and labor, company also has an effective compensation policy. It helps the company to improve the performance of employees in the organization. Through the compensation policy, company also conveys the message to the employees that organization is loyal with employees. Coca- Cola believes that employees are assets of the company and company carefully think about the employees’ health and their benefits. The compensation policy of Coca-Cola includes various benefits for the employees and labors. These benefits include basic salary, pick and drop facilities, bonus, medical facilities, gratuity fund and social security (Goodman & Olson, 2007). The compensation policy of Coca-Cola also helps in producing sustainable growth consistent with the company’s 2020 vision. With the help of compensation policy, company also attract and retain world class talent. The compensation policy also includes the incentive programs in order to achieve key business results and to recognize individuals’ base on their contribution to those results (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012).


Conclusion From the above discussion, it can be conclude by business assignment help experts that Coca-Cola has an effective recruitment process that support employees to identify the job description and to understand about the company’s operations in the national and international market. To make informed their human resources decision, company collect the information of market trends and tastes and preferences of customers. It helps the company to make supportable products in the market and to achieve competitive advantages. Company has stronger relationship with the labor that helps in providing training and creating diversity practices in the market. It can also be concluded that the compensation policy provides the benefits to the employees that support company in making multi culture environment.    


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