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Coca-Cola Negotiation Strategic Assignment Help Experts: Coca-Cola is leading beverage company provides the effective working environment for its employees that help to retain and attract best employees within the Strategic Assignment Help organization. Along  with this, the company encourages and motivates them for an innovative and creative approach towards the business. The company works hard to ensure an inclusive and fair work environment for its employees and provides diversity training for colleagues, suppliers, and stakeholders to get success in the marketplace. In this paper, negotiation strategies to address potential conflicts in the workplace will be discussed. Along with this, application of evidence-based management and creative decision-making approach will be also discussed in this paper. In addition of this, environmental and strategic factors that affect the organizational design will also be analyzed. Negotiation Strategies Conflict is disagreement through which the parties involved as a threat to their needs, interests or concerns.

Workplace conflicts arise in the organization due to long working hours, hierarchical structure and financial difficulties. In the organization, conflicts can occur at a number of levels of human functioning such as interpersonal conflicts, role conflict, intergroup conflict, multi-party conflict and international conflict. Interpersonal conflict occurs when two people have incompatible needs, goals, or approaches. Role conflict occurs when there are ambiguities in role definitions and unclear boundaries of responsibilities. Intergroup conflict occurs between collections of people such as ethnic or racial groups.

There are several negotiation strategies such as for accommodate, compromise, enforce, avoiding, collaborating, explore and postpone. Conflict negotiation is a two-way process in the organization. It’s not about to win the communication battle but to arrive a mutually satisfactory outcome. Managers of Coca-Cola can negotiate with new employees for salaries, bonuses, and benefits. Additionally, managers can negotiate for budgets and improve performance. Along with this, managers can negotiate for resolving conflicts at workplace related to interpersonal, intergroup, role and multi-party conflicts. A skilled negotiator can do necessary preparation for resolving conflicts with the help of effective negotiation strategy and win-win approach.

Economics Assignment Help Managers and negotiators diagnose the essential features of the conflict, familiarize themselves with its history and context, and search the backgrounds and reputations of the union members. It should be remembered by negotiators that negotiation is not a smooth process. They should remember the ultimate goal of this negotiation and try to resolve the conflicts through the win-win situation of both parties. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at