Strategic Assignment Help of Starbucks & Ralph Lauren Market

Strategic Assignment Help of Starbucks & Ralph Lauren Market: Starbucks Starbucks can move into down market to defend itself from competitors such as McDonald’s that offers lower cost coffees at their restaurants. The company can do efforts for growing Seattle’s Best, it’s cheap-and-cheerful sister chain of coffee houses. This move helps to expand the business and growth of the

company without diluting the primary brand and helpful for competing with rivals. Strategic Assignment Help Experts explain that, With the help of selling low-cost coffee, the company can attract middle and lower class customers towards the company. The company can revive the Seattle’s Best brand as a way to attack in the coffee mass market. This move in down market allows Starbucks to expand its base of sales without affecting the premium brand name. Starbucks can sell continuously its high price coffee at its own stores. Along with this, the success and failure of new brand cannot affect the brand image of the company and not change the perception of customers towards Starbucks and its products.

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren’s products have been able to weather the recession due to reliable products, innovations, and designs. Ralph Lauren has an expensive runway collection at the top that includes handmade products using the best quality materials and has limited distribution. It is the leader in the fashion world. It provides high quality and design clothes to customers. It paid higher prices for raw material like cotton and higher costs for labor and transportation to maintain the quality of the clothes. Ralph Lauren has high-class customers and for those, it offers luxury brands such as Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection. These brands appeal to the customer, who appreciates Ralph Lauren aesthetic, but is more sensitive to value and price. Along with Marketing Assignment Help, the recession had a particularly large effect on the fashion industry and Ralph Lauren is able to weather the recession quite nicely. It is because it offers quality and branded products for high-class customers those are not affected by the recession. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at