Coca-Cola Project Management Assignment Help

Project of Coca-Cola Assignment Help With increasing legal battle, the company have undertaken a project of developing a new project which could resolve customers’ complaint regarding carbonated beverages and may present them with something more healthy and nutritious. The project undertaken is significant, which could be understood with the discussion of its following aspects by project management assignment help experts:


Project Management: In regard to the product development project of Coca-Cola, project management includes managing all aspects of the project from beginning to its closure with the help of a scientific and planned methodology (Organisation Analysis Assignment Help On Coca-Cola). The Project Manager role is to make sure that all objectives of the project are attained by including all members.


Project Timelines: For effective completion of the project, the Project Manager along with other senior members have developed a project timeline, which not only include a schedule for carrying out the project, but also describe vital milestones, deadlines, and the resources necessitated throughout the project.


Critical Paths (CP) and Contingency Planning: For effective completion of the project, the Project Manager has also developed a critical path analysis with the tool PERT (Coca-Cola Project Management Assignment ), identifying related and interdependent project activities and events. With the help of CP, it becomes easy for project members to exhibit interdependent factors whose timing overlap and manage them accordingly. In addition, contingency plan is also developed, through which possible sources of disruption is identified and preparation is done accordingly to take timely actions.


Implementation Plan Contingencies: At the same time, the project is undertaken with the preparation of all implementation plan contingencies, which includes problems that may be faced by the company at the time of implementing new project (Coca-Cola Marketing Assignment Help). It may include employees’ resistance to new product, get acquainted to it and market it etc. Strategies and approaches are already decided to deal with implementation plan contingencies, which in turn would make it easy to successfully implement the new project (Coca Cola Business Strategy Assignment Help).


Staffing needs and tools: The project undertaken is being managed with the identification of the new staff and tools which will be needed to completed this project and manage new project. It is critical to attain success, that staff needed to start, manage, supervise, and implement a project is identified and recruited along with the employment of essential tools such as machines or materials needed for new product development (Coca Cola Structure Assignment Help).


PERT chart and Gantt chart: The project managment PERT chart and Gantt chart was also developed. The project undertaken by Coca-Cola was managed effectively with the consideration of all essential aspects of project management.


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