Marketing Assignment Help on Changing Market Conditions

Marketing Assignment Help on Changing Market Conditions

To understand the management in changing market condition, we have taken the and Borders Books and discussed the extent to which the management of each company adapted to changing market conditions. Also explained the recommend three ways a company should build in flexibility to back up its decision-making process so as to adapt to changing market conditions.

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Management in changing market condition assignment help Management of focused on making the operating model for efficient and profitable. The company used many online retailers such as Wal-Mart and others and third-party logistics to fulfill the changing needs of customers. The company purchased that helps the customers to search rare and hard-to-find books, antiquarian and used books.


The Internet changed the competitive landscape, so company launched Advantage Program in 1998 to motivate small publishers through displaying their books on site. Along with this, the firm launched Cards to visitors that offered a facility to send free cards for friends from Blue Mountain Arts Website. Recipient of cards must visit Amazon’s site to view this message. On the other hand marketing assignment help, Borders Books also adopted changes in management, but late and slowly that was the reason for its business failure.


The company had an innovative inventory system in the stores and offered a wide variety of books to customers in a single store. It was helpful to satisfy customer needs. Borders books offered varieties of alternative educational and informational media, from videos to CD-ROMs, a relaxing and comfortable environment that encouraged customers to become loyal towards the company. The company formed a partnership with Starbucks in 2004 to provide the best coffee for customers in its stores. After understanding the importance of internet and online marketing, it launched online retail stores in 1998 and e-store in 2010.


Recommendations by marketing assignment help experts


Secure capital: Company should have the secure capital for taking any business related to expansion and changing market condition. It would help the company to survive in tough periods, to drive long-term growth and business flexibility. The company should consider all options to manage and balance supply and demand, reduce cost and maximize working capital and add flexibility for adopting changing market conditions.


Effective inventory management system: Company should build effective inventory management system in the organization that helps to offer products and services to customers at right time and increases their satisfaction. New warehouses would be able to offer the better collection of products and faster service rather than competitors.


Relations with Suppliers: Company should develop a good relationship with suppliers and distributors that provide flexibility in decision-making process according to changing market conditions. Suppliers provide flexibility to change decisions and expand the business in the market.


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