Common Law and Civil Law Assignment Help

Common Law and Civil Law Assignment Help

Common and Civil Laws have been developed in order to handle the business environment in different countries. In

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this law assignment help paper, common and civil law and its similarities and differences have been discussed. Along with this business law case study assignment help paper, challenges that United States based companies face while doing the business in international market have been discussed. Researcher has analyzed that whether one legal system creates an unfair advantage over the others or not.

Common Law and Civil Law Common Law: Common Law has been developed in England almost a millennium ago. It has been analyzed that common law is generally less perspective than a civil law system. Common law is generally un-codified and there is no comprehensive compilation of legal rules and status. Common law has been formulated by relying on some scattered status, which is basically the legislative decision and it is largely based on precedent. It basically means that it consider the judicial decisions that have already been made in similar cases (Morgan, 2003). Common law functions on the basis of adversarial system; it is the contest between two opposing parties before a judge who moderates. Common law does not always have written constitution. In addition to this, judicial decisions are binding and people have extensive freedom in contract. In the common law, everything is permitted which has not been expressly prohibited by law. Civil Law: On the other hand, civil law is codified and countries with civil law system have comprehensive, continuously updated legal codes that give description of all the matters which are capable of being brought before the court, the applicable procedure and appropriate punishment. In case of civil law system, judge plays an important role in establishing the facts of the case and applies the provision of the applicable code. In the civil law, there is generally the written constitution based on specific codes (InfoUSA, 2012). Enshrining the basic rights and duties and administrative court judges behave like the common law judges. In addition to this, writings of legal scholars have significant influence on the courts. Through the civil law, companies can be able to develop the rules and regulations in order to develop the ethical business environment.

Challenges faced by United States Companies There are some challenges that United States companies face while doing the business in international market. In order to do the business internationally, companies have to consider the rules and regulations of other countries and integrate into their strategies (Lengeling, 2008). Mainly, company have to face problem in outsourcing its services into other markets. Human cost of outsourcing the business is challenging for the United States. US based companies have looked for the variety of options in order to minimize the cost, so that it may remain competitive with their international counterparts. Another risk of conducting business in international market includes the currency fluctuation, regulatory risk, tax risk and political risk. It has been identified that companies have manage the financial risk in order to sustain in the competitive market environment. For example, US based company want to establish the business in UK market. In such a case, primary business operations will be done in US dollars. On the other hand in UK, business firm has to pay British pound. Therefore, exchange rate between US Dollars and British pound will fluctuate and companies have to manage these fluctuations in order to maintain the profitability in the competitive market (Perdomo & Merryman, 2007). It has been identified that UK and US companies have very stable government and they clearly defined rights and strong judicial history. Therefore, while doing the business in other country, US Companies have to face problem in managing the situations. For example, government of China do not make such strict rules and regulations in order to conduct the business. In such manner, US Companies will have to face problem in influencing the employees in China for better performance (Cross, 2007). All these problems need to be considered while doing the business in international market. Further, business environment of one country is different from the business environment of other country.

Legal System It has been identified that one legal system will create an unfair advantage over the other. Legal system will be helpful for the companies in developing the ethical business environment. One legal system will not create the unfair advantage over the other. Every country makes the legal system according to their own benefits and also creates norms according to their cultures and beliefs (Schaffer, Filiberto & Earle, 2009). For example, US formulate rules according to the own cultures and values and China make rules according to the business environment. One country do not have right to harm other country through the legal system. Further our experts of Australia assignment says that, if one legal system gives harm to other country then, it will be punishable for the government of other country. Legal system of one country provides advantage to other country in order to solve the issues (Antoine, 2008). With the help of this, company can be able to reduce the cost and delays the battle between other parties. Every country has its own legal system that needed to be followed by the business firms and employees within that country. Thus, it has been identified that after the globalization, government of different countries have to conduct market research in order to identify the legal and political environment. On the basis of information gained through market research, companies have to develop the legal system, so that it will provide the benefit to all countries and business firms (Poudret & Besson, 2007). Conclusion From the above discussion by business law case study assignment help experts concluded civil and common law have been used every country in order to handle the legal business environment. US based companies have to face different problems while doing the business in international market. These problems are exchange rate fluctuation and legal system. Further, one legal system will not create the unfair advantage over the other. References Antoine, R.M. (2008). Commonwealth Caribbean Law And Legal Systems. USA: Routledge. Cross, F.B. (2007). West’s Legal Environment of Business: Text and Cases: Ethical, Regulatory, International, and E-commerce Issues. USA: Cengage Learning. InfoUSA (2012). Retrieved from Lengeling, D. (2008). Retrieved from Morgan, H. (2003). Retrieved from Perdomo, R.P. & Merryman, J.H. (2007). The Civil Law Tradition: An Introduction to the Legal Systems of Europe and Latin America. USA: Stanford University Press. Poudret, J.F. & Besson, S. (2007). Comparative Law Of International Arbitration. USA: Sweet & Maxwell. Schaffer, R., Filiberto, A. & Earle, B. (2009). International Business Law and Its Environment. USA: Cengage Learning. Now you can get 24×7 business assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete and quality assignment help services with in the deadline. Our US and Australia experts have 15 years experience of writing university assignments for the students of US,UK and Australia.