European Union Assignment Help

European Union Assignment Help

European Union is an economic and political union, which is made by 27 member states of Europe. Previously the

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 European Union was named as European Community. The main purpose to establish this policy was to bring peace between Germany and France, which was missed due to battle with each other in both World Wars. Policies of EU are aimed to ensure the free movement of goods, services, people and capital, to maintain common trade policies and to pass legislation in justice and home affairs (Whitehead, 2003).  According to our assignment help experts, the establishment of this treaty opens several ways to develop performance of areas like public health, education, training, consumer protection, energy policy etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of EU EU has facilitated organizations to do business with no conversion charges with the elimination of financial transactional cost. The involvement of price transparency developed easy ways for consumers as consumers don’t need to calculate exchange rate difference at more. This step also eliminates the uncertainty that generally caused by exchange rate fluctuation. Lastly, establishment of EU developed unity and peace as they uses single currency and do worry about economy as whole (Masson & Pattillo, 2001). On the other hand, EU has influenced almost monopolize traits and non-elected central body can rule an independent central bank. The reduction in tendencies may occur due to transitional financial adjustments. Reduction in one country’s inflation rates may result higher employment rate in other country (Nugent, 2006).

Examples American Airline is the company that is fighting with EU due to its emission policies. In this case, EU wants to charge emission tax over flights coming into Europe but US believes that there is no such tax applicable because there is already a huge hike in taxes and this addition cannot be affordable by customers as well as company (Masson & Pattillo, 2001). The policy regarding internet has affected Facebook as to take deep addition of new measures as per EU’s guideline that is, focus on younger people, to protect the consequences of putting photos and other information on social network website (Whittaker, 2012). From the business perspective, EU has developed many hurdles for trade and online business. The different strategic ways to tax foreign business results confusion and costly operations (Nugent, 2006). Now you can get 24×7 business case study assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete and quality assignment help services with in the deadline. Our US and Australia experts have 15 years experience of writing university assignments for the students of US,UK and Australia.