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The communication can be made in several ways that is affected by the cultural differences like ethnicity, regionalism, religion, class and gender. Two or more persons interact to each other then it creates some difference in the way of communication. The communication may be oral or written, verbal or non-verbal etc. Gender is a difference that impacts on the communication, because every people have different style to communicate with others. As per assignment help experts, different genders create miscommunication due to difference in the way of communication.

Common Miscommunications among Genders and Their Causes: There are some common miscommunications determined between men and women due to different communication style. Men communicate in different styles by asking about anything to other, whereas women give only hints. So, men are socialized to generate direct responses of other, but women are socialized to put their own needs. In addition, women have a strong memory about their past details. For example, women communicate about very old things such as “Do you understand that since tonight, we’ve been seeing each other for precisely six months” ? These types of dialogues are given by the women to others. Women communicate a matter in a detail, so they are more sentimental than men. On the other hand, men don’t remember about the detail, not because they don’t care. At the same time, women have problem and men provide them its solution. It means woman listen and men solve the problem of the men. In addition, men and women have the difference in thinking same things. It is because men compartmentalize the things mentally and emotionally such as separation of work and relationship. On the other hand, women think big picture to connect all the aspects of their life. Thus, men and women have miscommunication due to different attitude and behavior.

Effective Gender Communication Strategies: There are some effective communication strategies that can be used to mitigate the miscommunication among the gender. First, both men and women are required to be aware about each other’s communication style. The awareness of communication style would be quite effective to reduce miscommunication among both men and women in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication. They also try to use both types of communication styles. They must also be attentive for unconscious stereotypes and biases to make more strengthened communication. They can also recognize several types of styles of leadership that can be effective. At the same time our assignment helper said that, men and women can also spend a certain time for meeting and group interaction that would provide scope to women for contributing in it. For taking decisions, men should give chance to women in decision making process. Men should also ask to women for their opinions related to take a decision. In addition, both of these should not be afraid to determine the difference between communication styles that would be helpful to reduce the communication. All these communication strategies are effective for mitigating gender miscommunication.

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