Company Win-Win Model and Strategies Assignment Help

Company Win-Win Model and Strategies Assignment Help Use of Win-Win Model and Strategies

As per business Win-Win model case study assignment help experts, following are some steps that the company would use to negotiate using the win-win model: Planning: In this step, the company and its partners will set their own goals, anticipate others goals, identify areas of probable agreement and develop strategies for reconciling areas of probable disagreement. Developing: Win-win negotiations require that there are plan activities that enable positive personal relationship and a sense of mutual trust. Thus, the company would develop the trust among different parties. Forming: Under this step, the company and other partners will confirm each-others goals, propose and consider positive solutions, verify areas of agreement and jointly resolve any remaining differences. The key in reaching negotiation is to realize that both parties share many of the goals. Maintenance: It is related to provide meaningful feedback based on performance. It is the end of the agreement and the company will be interested to keep the relationship going so that they can conduct future mutually beneficial transactions. The US Company will also use the strategy, in which it will ensure that both parties will attain their own goals with the end of negotiation. To ensure the success of win-win negotiations model, the US Company would work with its partners and determine the ways to satisfy both parties at the same time.

Trade Agreements and their Impact on Negotiation Trade agreements develop opportunities for companies and help to grow economies. If the US Company negotiates with suppliers from China, Japan and Korea different trade agreements apply to this negotiation. These trade agreements include US Free Trade Agreements and Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFAs). These agreements will impact on negotiation, as with the help of TIFAs governments in these countries can discuss and resolve different issues at an early stage. At the same time, there is also need that the company will follow different rules and regulations provided by different trade agreements (Wheelen, 2008). Similarly, as an impact of free trade agreement, the negotiation will work under the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. These rules will directly or indirectly affect the activities under negotiations. Get business assignment help from our Ph.D experts. You will get original and authentic content quality help from our experts. You can contact us any time for assignment help or assignment editing help.