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Culture Issue Assignment Help Understanding of Culture before Starting Negotiation

Before the US Company starts negotiating, it should identify the style of negotiating, strategies, communication, expectations, tactics, culture and bribery in all these countries in order to make a successful business deal. Additionally, it should also effectively analyze different aspects of negotiating in all these countries. There are several differences between American culture and culture of all these countries. For example, Japanese use many forms of body language, cues, and signals, rather than words in order to represent their thoughts. Japanese do not use the word no, thus it is necessary to ask various questions to ensure that a particular deal is complete. Additionally our assignment help tutors says that, if there is problem with the agreement, Japanese tries to resolve it by involving third party, as they do not lawyers. Concurrently, Koreans give more importance to group benefits, as compared to individual benefits. They also give importance to strengthen the relationship at an early stage of negotiation. Negotiation with Chinese companies takes a long process. Thus, it is necessary to understand all these differences before the US Company starts negotiations in these counties in order to ensure the success.

Countries View about Contract In many Asian countries, including Japan, China and Korea, contracts are often kept high-level. As culture of these countries emphasize on the importance of personal and business relationships, members of this group give little attention to contractual details unless legal circumstances force them to. Moreover, business people from these countries also frequently request contract changes. As per these countries view, if business conditions and political situations changes, then contractual obligations must change accordingly in order to kept the relationship same. In this way, they believe in making flexible contract, which can be changed, if there are any changes in business situations.

Beginning of the Negotiation In order to start the negotiations, the US company needs to modify its current techniques of negotiating with its own culture, to techniques which are appropriate to accommodate the other culture. It should go to the place of business to do negotiations, as the business employees from these countries will not come for this purpose. There is no need to prepare a strict agenda for the purpose of negotiations, as in these countries, most of things are discussed and no set list of topics are used to go over at a certain time. Business people from these countries, already know a lot about the American culture, therefore it is necessary that the company will know a large amount about the culture of these countries in order to show interest and make a successful negotiation. The US Company should expect the keiretsu system of negotiating in Japan. It is a group of people from different departments of the company and its’ partner who come together to do negotiations. At the same time, the company should use a face to face method of negotiation in China, as Chinese give better respond to this method as compared to other methods of negotiation. Besides these, while negotiating in South Korea, leveraging relationships is an important element to make a successful business deal. The company can also use a business team for the purpose of negotiations in Korea. Additionally, for negotiation, the company should also identify and engage a local intermediary. Use of intermediary will be helpful to ensure the success of negotiations in all these countries. It is because the person will help in bridging the cultural and communications gap. Concurrently, the US Company should also understand the purpose of companies in these countries behind participating in the negotiation deal. The main purpose of these companies is to help their customers and increase the returns in business. The company should ensure that contract should be flexible and negotiations should be continued for a long-period of time. Avail any time Culture Issue case study assignment help from our experts. At our site you will get complete and original assignment help of all topics. You can call us or e-mail us your assignment to our experts.