Corporate and Business policies Assignment Help

Policies to Ensure Success of Expansion As per business assignment help experts,there are some corporate and business policies that can play an important role in the success of company expansion. Some of the main policies are discussed below –

CSR Policy: Top management of the firm should set a CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy for the target market by making huge investment. It is because; there are a number of stakeholders such as local communities, suppliers, government and customers that can satisfy with the help of this policy. CSR initiatives can be helpful to ensure success of international expansion by making investment for the development of local people, protecting local environment, saving natural resources and education of poor children. By conducting all these CSR activities, the company can create its positive image among the local people that will help to ensure success of business expansion. Along with this, it can be useful to effectively address important sociological issues related to society, natural resources, environment and healthcare.

Diversity Policy: To address cultural issues, the company’s management can place diversity policy in business expansion plan by making some important commitments. In this way, the management should ensure that employees will be selected on the basis of merits, not on the basis of gender, age, language, cultural, color, nationality, religion and belief. The implementation of diversity policy can be helpful for a company to avoid discrimination issues, promote unique talents and eliminate cultural issues after business expansion in international market. Along with this, diversity policy can help to eliminate cultural differences.

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