Hershey Chocolate Company Analysis Assignment Help

Technology Assessment Hershey is one of the largest manufacturers and providers of confectionary items like chocolates and sugar candies. Currently, the company is using several technologies in order to produce different chocolates and sugar candies products.  For example, in order to expand the business and to boost the productivity, the company uses various advanced technology equipments.

Apart from this our assignment help says that, technologically advanced West Chocolate Avenue factory is installed with state-of-the-art technology that has never been applied before. At the same time, facility features new high-speed production lines such as automated chocolate syrup production lines are also established by the company for the effective production of products.  This technology system manufactures 2.9 million Hershey’s Kisses chocolates an hour or 70 million chocolates each day. Additionally our assignment help experts write that, it is also founded that the factory is also installed by the company with a fresh almond roasting plant and features stainless steel corn syrup and fresh milk silos that store tons of fresh ingredients. For the smooth function of the plan, highly advanced information technology solutions such as automated and real-time diagnostics systems are also adopted by Hershey Chocolate Company.

Along with these technological tools, state-of-the-art and computer-controlled manufacturing processes are also developed and adapted by Hershey’s production line operators and managers. Company’ plant’s advanced Information Technology systems include automated, real-time diagnostics systems keeps operations running smoothly 24 hours a day. In addition, with the help of different technological tools as well as practices, the company is increasing their business effectiveness. For instance, through high speed technology processes, the company increased their productivity, profitability and goodwill in the market. In this way, overall quality in the manufacturing processes is also increased by the company. So, it is accessed that Hershey Chocolate Company is using different types of technology in their processes and system in order to provide quality products and to grow in the global market.  You can also avail Hershey Chocolate Company case study assignment help from our experts.

Value Chain Analysis: Hershey Chocolate Company is committed to deal fairly and ethically with all parties in value chain. The company also maintains their supply chain through many different programs. For example, Cocoalink is a program that is designed by the company in order to create the value chain across the global. As per this program, the company uses mobile technology to deliver practical information on agricultural and social topics to rural cocoa farmers. The Hershey Company’s value chain extends from the nearly 10,000 suppliers, who provide raw materials and process key ingredients for products to the customers.   Assignment Help(Value Chain at Hershey Chocolate Company) Along with this, as per the changed and increased consumer preference for healthy and organic products, a portfolio of healthy snacks has been expanded like, Payday Proenergy bars and sugar-free products such as Twizzlers. Additionally, the company also monitors its supply relationships and purchases palm oil from suppliers with membership.

In addition, it is also accessed that the company is also creating value by providing different organic and natural products (Consumer Well-Being, 2012). For instance, the company offers a line of natural and organic chocolates under the Dagoba brand that are sold in natural food and gourmet stores. Hershey also monitors greenhouse gas emissions from operations and has installed energy-efficient lighting in all of their plants. Apart from this, “WCF ECHOES Alliance” is also designed by the company to create the value in the public. This program is a comprehensive youth educational and teacher training program that focuses on basic education, agricultural practices, entrepreneurship and leadership skills as well as information on HIV/AIDS, child labor and malaria. Hence, it is founded that the company is developing the value ethically, legally and more effectively.

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