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Critical Analysis of Decision Approach: My decision approach was participatory that considered the views and opinions of other people also. There are several

 strengths and weaknesses of a decision-making approach.

These can be discussed as below by business assignment help experts :

Strengths: Decision-making approach involved several positive points that proved strength for it. First strength was the involvement of other people. With the help of this approach, it became easy to generate a variety of alternatives required to address the problem of lower employee performance. A second strength was the use of systematic five-step decision-making process to develop the decision. This approach helped in ensuring the development of right decision without any issue. Five steps used in the decision-making process helped in developing decision in time without any confusion.

Weaknesses: Apart from the above strengths, the weak areas or points of my decision-making approach were heavy dependence on others to make a decision. Second weakness was confusion due to heavy views and opinions given by other people. Third weakness was inability to decide which information provided by the people is right or wrong for making the decision to address the problem of lower employee performance. Involvement of Others Did you involve supervisors, coworkers, or employees? If so, how and in what capacity? If not, why did you not involve them? Yes, I involved other people in making the decision including supervisors and employees. Firstly, I involved my supervisor. A meeting was arranged with my supervisor to discuss the issues the organization was facing. I invited my supervisor to assess the existing issues that were impacting the business performance. After this meeting, I came to know that customer satisfaction and lower productivity were the major problems causing the fall in market share of the organization.

Next, to this, I started to figure out the root cause of these issues. After a long discussion with my supervisor, I came to know that lower employee performance was the main reason behind all these issues. Next to this our managements strategic decision making assignment help exerts says that, I also organized a second meeting with my supervisor. In this meeting, I reached at the conclusion that lack of required skills and abilities among the employees were causing their lower performance. I also asked my supervisor to suggest me several alternatives to address the identified issues of the organization. The information and suggestions provided by the supervisor proved helpful in developing useful alternatives.

Apart from this, I also asked employees to express their point of views over the lower performance and reasons of reduced customer satisfaction in the organization. I also arranged a group meeting with employee group to figure out the issues behind their lower performance. As a result of this meeting, I identified that lack of proper training and development programs were the reason behind the lower skills and abilities of employees. It helped me in collecting the required data needed for generating feasible alternatives to address the problem of lower employee performance. I involved one supervisor and 10 employees from various departments of the organization to develop my decision. This really helped me in developing an effective decision that assisted in addressing the issue of lower employee performance.

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