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Entrepreneurship Assignment Help Assignment Help Question: Analyze the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and determine if you have what it takes to start your own business. Provide specific examples to support your response  According to a statement given by Inc. magazine it is quite effective in today’s highly competitive world. Today, an entrepreneur cannot survive if he/she develops him as the myth. Because the emerging trend of customers and market cannot be adopted by the portrayed image but one has to get into the situation and analyze the best option to success. An entrepreneur with quick decision-making ability in any situation can only work in such emerging economy. The perfect example of this type of entrepreneur is Steve Jobs, who has made a new and applicative and successful position of Apple Inc. He was the one, who never believe in market research but believe in ability of innovation. This belief is not the part of portrayed and mythical image of an entrepreneur.


Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship is like an art, which cannot be in everyone’s cup of tea. A person with some characteristics only can run and get the business to the peak of success. A person with ambition and self-confidence become a good entrepreneur in future. An entrepreneur should be intellectually active, so that he/she can see the problems all around. With such confidence to see the problems an entrepreneur should have burning ambition to fix them. Bill Gates is the perfect example of having these characteristics. He was quite ambitious and self-confident from the age of 13 and due to these characteristics he had built such empire of computer innovation, Microsoft. Secondly, the willingness to take a leap of faith is the feature which develop enthusiasm to get the success even it will take a long time. In the similar way, Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google and take a huge time to make number one search engine.


The ability to learn from mistakes is another characteristic, which makes a person special among the crowd. Mistakes always left some learning for person but if the person takes that mistake as lesson then he/she can be the entrepreneur of future. Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart is the entrepreneur, who made effective ways to overcome his business from the mistakes in the area of treating human resource. Wal-Mart was accused for treating human resource in not the way which the government has established in human rights. But, now the retail chain has developed its image and left all the negative aspect with effective entrepreneurial efforts. With the assessment of above characteristics, a person can start his/her business and may get a huge success in future as well. Get Entrepreneurship Assignment Help or Entrepreneur assignment help from assignmenthelpexperts.com. Our assignment writes ensure you that you will get assignment help paper on time with best prices.