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Effectiveness of Actions and Decision Making

A manager or leader can be effective in his actions and decision making by taking proactive approach. By doing so, it is possible to estimate the likely implications of using a particular strategy for actions or decisions. Along with this, a manager or leader can also adopt decentralized approach in his actions or decision making. Under this, by inviting ideas and opinions of others, it is possible to ensure effective actions and decisions that are valuable for the business growth in future (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). It will help in avoiding any resistance by employees in implementing any new practices in the workplace. Furthermore, a manger or leader can also adopt participatory style to resolve problems and develop decisions for the day to day practices. It will also help in developing required motivation and commitment among the employees for work. Furthermore, open communication with teams and groups is another way that can be used by a manager or a leader to be effective in actions and decision making. Get Academic Help for Students Studying in Australia from PhD experts.

Basis for Decision Making

Yes, there are several basis of making decision that would impact on the success and efficiency of the business. These are as follow:

Experience: On the basis of experience, managers make decisions that would impact both success and efficiency of business (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006). Like, if the experience is low, it can influence the business negatively.

Research and Analysis: Research and analysis is another basis of decision making that affect the success and efficiency of business. Like, if research and analysis is not performed by the manager effectively, it would result into poor decisions that are not good for the success or efficiency of the business.

Rationality: Rationality also influences success and efficiency of the business. Like, if the manager follows effective rationale in developing decisions, it would ensure great success and efficiency of the business. We also provide cheap writing services for Indians for any subjects.


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