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Dietary Supplements Assignment Help Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements are minerals, vitamins, herbs, amino acids, enzymes and substances that are aimed to enhance diet of people. These are available in various forms like capsules, pills, liquids and powder (Dietary Supplement, 26 September 2012). These also come in energy bars. Dietary supplements play a great role in health of individuals. These are used complementary or alternative medicine by people as suggested by their physicians.

Benefits of Dietary Supplements As per Health Care Management Assignment Help, There are various benefits of taking dietary supplements. These can be discussed as follow: Improve overall health: Dietary supplements improve health of people by fulfilling the requirements of additional vitamins and minerals required for proper functioning of human body metabolism. Proper and safe use of dietary supplements keep people healthy and fit that assist them to stay protected from disease that occur due to lack of proper vitamins or minerals. Like, vitamin D and calcium are beneficial for keeping the bones of individuals strong (Dietary Supplements: What You Need to now). Along with this, omega-3 fatty acid from fish oils is also beneficial for heart. There are several diseases like anxiety, depression, respiratory tract infections, epilepsy, sexual transmitted diseases etc. Avoid birth defects: Dietary supplements are also helpful in avoiding birth defects in babies by addressing the need of folic acid through tablets and capsules contain folic acid in required quantity (Dietary Supplement, 26 September 2012).

Risks of Dietary Supplements Dietary supplements can be risky if taken without prescription. Following are several risks: Side Effects: Several dietary supplements can have side effects on human body. Like, vitamin K reduces the ability of blood thinner to prevent blood clotting (Dietary Supplements: What You Need to now). Reduce drug effectiveness: Vitamin C and E can also reduce the effectiveness of drugs used for cancer chemotherapy. Similarly, St John Wort can also increase the breakdown of drugs like birth control pills and antidepressants that reduce their effectiveness. Dietary Supplement (26 September 2012). Retrieved from Dietary Supplement (26 September2012).Retrieved from Our Ph.Dbusiness assignment writershave more than fifteen years experience of providing assignment help to US,UKand Australia students. You will get complete and original assignment help of all business subjects.