Direct and Indirect Compensation Assignment Help

Direct and Indirect Compensation Assignment Help Differences between Direct and Indirect Compensation

Direct compensation and indirect compensation are two basic components of an organization’s compensation program that is designed to compensate and provide benefit to employees. The direct compensation refers to monetary or cash benefits that are provided to the employees at periodic intervals. The performance of employees in their job matters in this type of compensations. Basic pay, variable pay, short-term and long-term incentive, cash rewards, house rent allowance, sales commission, increments and equity stock option plans (ESOPs) are some of the main examples of direct compensation.

On the other hand, indirect compensation is the type of non-monetary benefits that offered by an organization in the form of services and benefits to its employees. These types of compensations are available for all the employees because performance in the job has no matter in this type of compensation plan. Some of the main examples of indirect compensation are; medical insurance, unpaid leaves, flexible timing, retirement programs, higher education opportunity and facility of vacation at holiday resort with family. So, the main difference between these two types of compensation is that direct compensation is offered in financial form, while indirect compensation is in non-financial form. Now you can get any time business compensation assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete and quality assignment help services with in the deadline. Our US and Australia experts have 15 years experience of writing university assignments for the students of US,UK and Australia.