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“Social Media and Genetics” Please respond to the following:


•From the e-Activity, discuss how current or potential employers might be able to use the information you found and possible steps that could be taken to help ensure your privacy. Provide specific examples to support your response.


•Analyze the issues involved in the privacy of genetic information and anticipate what additional issues will most likely arise in the next 10 to 20 years, as well as how those issues should be addressed E-Activity by Employers In current organizational environment, the use of internet is rapidly increasing those help employers to develop the understanding about the employees and their social relations in the society.

In today’s global environment, there are various social networking sites such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, MyLife, etc. that are helpful for current and potential employers to get information about desire candidates. Through e-activity or use of social networking sites, current and potential employers can recruit employees according to the skills and knowledge. Social networking sites provide the basic information about people that help employers to gain the understanding of the behavior of people.


With the help of internet activities, potential employers can also choose and contact the most appropriate candidate for the job. Most of the employers monitor employees’ internet activities that support them to make an effective evaluation of employees in the organization. In order to ensure privacy at a workplace, employees can follow all the legal laws and regulations that are provided by the company. It can be helpful for the employees to make work according to the nature of the organization. Employees can also consider some sites that are prohibited to open in the organization. It can be helpful for employees to ensure the privacy in the company.


Issue Involved in Privacy of Genetic Information In concern of privacy of genetic information of employees, there are various issues such as employment, life insurance, private medical insurance, long-term care and critical illness insurance, etc. involved that affect employees in the organization. In today’s business environment, most of the employers use genetic information of employees against them that result in discrimination of individuals on the job. Genetic information of employees provides the detailed description about the family background, behavior, medical and health information.


The major issue involved in the privacy of genetic information of employees is related to the loss of the job. Employers can misuse of genetic information of employees in order to complete any illegal task or job. In the next 10 to 20 years, employers will face the issues related to the increase in the cost of the organization. In the future, because of genetic diseases, most of the employees will discontinue the organization. It will increase the cost of the company in a manner of recruitment of new employees and provide them training about the work. In the future, issues will also relate to the trust of employees towards the company (Laurie, 2002).


In order to address these issues, a company should maintain trust between employees regarding the privacy of genetic information. A company should provide ethical guidelines to the employees that reflect the company’s commitment to the privacy of information. It can be helpful for the employees to resolve their issues related to the privacy of genetic information Avail Business Law Assignment Help on Social Media and Genetics from assignment help experts. We ensure you that you will get first class assignment help services from US, Australia and UK experts.


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