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Online Management Perspective Assignment Help From a legal perspective, determine if it is easier for a manager to deal with an employee or an independent contractor. Provide an example or rationale for your answer It is easier for an employer or manager to deal with the employee or an independent contractor through some legal obligation. These legal obligations also provide the effective directions to the manager in order to fulfill employees or contractors demands and needs in the market or within the company.


There are various legal obligations that support the manager to deal with the employees or an independent contractor in the company such as Federal income tax withholding, insurance contribution act, payment of federal and state unemployment taxes, mandatory overtime and minimum wages, payment of premium required under state workers ’ compensation act, labor management relations act, etc.


With the management perspective assignment help of these legal obligations, the manager can establish an effective communication channel with the employees that help the company to improve its performance in the market and achieve competitive advantages from the international market. Central governments also released some legal rules and regulations that help organizations to manage their work in an effective manner and provide benefits to the employees and contractors.


Some state legislation also provides directions to the employers to how to use effective employees’ skills and knowledge for the company in operations. It helps the company to better use of employees at the work. From a legal perspective, companies also have their own rules and regulations that provide effective guidelines to the companies to manage employees and contractors in an effective manner.


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