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Future Challenges in Purchasing of E-business Assignment Help

There would be various E-business challenges for the purchasing in the future. For instance, software integration issues, difficulties with catalog integration, difficulty aligning organizational culture with e-procurement and coordinating inter-organizational information would be the major challenges for the purchasing in the future. These challenges or issues would affect procurement initiatives.

In addition, as per the prediction of NAPM (the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies), in order to maintain a competitive advantage; more focus will be placed on trust building, communication, and joint planning and developments . Dedicated groups of individuals will be charged with handling the strategies of relationships with suppliers and customers. Purchasing organizations will need buy-in from the supplier organization, if the relationship is to be successful.


Along with this, it is also founded that in the future for the purchasing, there will be increasing focus on relationships with both suppliers and customers due to increasing global competitiveness, limited resources, and the need to maintain flexibility. Apart from this e-business challenges assignment help, specific attention will be paid to relationships, since sometimes customers, suppliers, and competitors will overlap. Management of these entities will need to be aligned. In this way, organizational people have to create a strong partnership inside and outside the company. For example, Inside, company has to anticipate people’s needs to build a relationship with commercial people and finance people. At the same time, transaction processing will be minimized with considerable tactical/non-core competency purchasing-related activities outsourced to full-service third parties. Additionally, to facilitate the integration of cross-enterprise supply chains, purchasing personnel will be required to further develop strategic alliances with key supplier partners and key customers.


The purchasing activities would move into sales in the future. Along with this, it is also estimated that today, purchasing is fashionable, but in the future it would be considered as marketing or sales practices. This would be significant challenge for the purchasing in the future. In addition, important functions of the purchasing would be changed, because businesses would change. Simply, it means the customers would be more demanded in the future. Hence, it is founded that in the future; there would be a lot of challenges in the purchasing due to changing business environment.


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