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Flat Tax Rate Assignment Help Services In the current business environment, each country has different tax regime and due to this, corporations are forced to adopt different tax rates. An organization that operates its functions at the global level is required to follow the several tax rates that are specified by individual countries. It creates a quite complex tax structure for the companies.


The growth of an organization is largely influenced by this complex process of taxation. For understanding and developing the tax amount, an organization is engaged to spend a huge amount of money from its revenue. Due to different tax regimes, corporations are engaged to appoint several legal advisors and accountants, which increase the overall cost of the firm. At the same time, our business assignment help experts say that different tax regimes are also tended organization to involve huge time in calculating the tax as it may create legal controversies for them.


In contrast, the flat tax rate does not require huge cost and time as, in this, only one tax rate is required to consider at the global level. From the perspective of cost, a basic flat tax rate should be formulated without considering the place of earning. On the other hand, the application of different tax regimes at the global level is also provided an effective floor through which organizations are enabled to manipulate data for rebating tax.


This is the main reason due to which many governments are not able to generate revenue from the tax. At present time in the US, only 12% of all tax revenue is collected from the corporate income tax. In order to decrease the complexity of current tax structure, flat tax rate base should be applied. In addition, flat tax base rate is also simple to understand and apply in business activities that help to enhance business performance at a greater extent. Due to above reasons, the flat base tax rate should be applied in place of different tax regimes.


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