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Online Economic Performance Evaluation Assignment Help Simply, an economy may be defined as the means whereby goods and services are produced, exchanged and distributed among the members of a society. In today’s economic environment, there are several ways or methods to evaluate the economic performance. Like, GDP, the rate of a standard of living and total trade (total exports, total imports) are the important & significant ways that are used by a country/nation to evaluate the overall economic performance of the country. Additionally, revenue growth, profit growth, capital expenditure, inflation rates, interest rates, currency exchange rates, stock market indices, unemployment rate and foreign direct investments are the important methods to evaluate the economic performance.


As per our economics assignment help experts GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the significant tool to measure the economic condition of a particular country, because GDP is the indicator that shows that how much a country and businesses in the country are maintaining its position. Additionally, GDP also measures the market value of all goods and services produced within a country during a specified period (Tucker, 2010). GDP is also a good indicator of a country’s standard of living. Along with this, GDP includes all the important component of a country such as import, export, and consumption, investment etc. So, it is estimated that GDP is the more significant way compared with other methods to evaluate the economic condition of a particular country at a specific time period.


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