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Impact of Potential Change Factors on the Functions of Management Our management assignment help experts says that Management is not only important for businesses as it is vital for everyday human life. Without managing it becomes difficult for a business and its employees to complete their day-to-day task and attain short-term as well as long-term business goals.


Management at Coca-Cola is done with the help of four functions of management, which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These four functions of management play a critical role in Coca-Cola’s success throughout the world, but are significantly influenced with potential change factors. In last some time, the pattern of business has changed significantly, which in turn have influences businesses functions of management. The business environment is changing significantly, which in turn makes it vital for companies to make use of appropriate measures and strategies to stay in operations.



The business environment is made up of internal as well as external factors that affect a company’s operations. This paper seeks to identify the legal, social, and economic environment of Coca-Cola, which exerts pressures on it and its operations. As well, the paper also describes the managerial, operational, and financial issues faced by the company along with the discussion of its project and related aspects. The project undertaken by Coca-Cola is discussed here, in regard to the different aspects of project management, which in turn make it easy to understand how a project can attain success and what are critical aspects to finish it effectively. In the end, the paper also discusses the impact of different change factors on company’s management functions. Similar is the case with potential change factors as factors like technological developments, employees training, employees working pattern, planning with the use of IT etc will also impact Coca-Cola management functions in future. In future, company planning function will be influenced with advanced technology and systems as well as organizing will also be influenced by technological specializations, improved strategic and operational plans. Leading and monitoring will also become more advanced in future.



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