Efficient and Useful Apps for Project Based Learning

There is no doubt that project based learning is becoming increasingly popular not only among students but also among educators to ensure student’s engagement in the classroom. It is one of the powerful teaching methods that come with numerous benefits for students from project management to self confidence. It prepares students for academic, personal and career success. Here students can explore real world problems and challenges by acquiring the deeper knowledge.

Project Based Learning Apps

Project based learning is a learning where students work on the project for a particular period of time. It can be from a week up to a semester where they get engaged in solving the real world problems or answering the difficult questions. They develop knowledge and skills by developing the public products or presentations for the audience. It boosts critical thinking, creativity and communication skills in students.

Apps for Project Based Learning

Below are the apps shared by Case Study Assignment Help for developing the project based learning in student.

  1. Trello: Here you can learn about the different aspects of projects or tasks that you are required to be done. It is being mostly used in the business world and now in education too by students as well as teachers. Here you can create board with list, you can name it and add different cards, documents, links and comments to it. You can invite your teachers also to the board with list.
  2. Seesaw: This app gives you an opportunity to create activities and announcements to share with other students. You can ask important questions to them about the project and they give answers which you can add to your project’s portfolio. You can also share the book widgets planner widget through the link in Seesaw with students. You can also have immediate feedback on student’s work.
  3. Goals.com: This is the goal tracking app which can help you to set up your project. It does not consider anything related to your project based learning but consider planning of the large project. You can add all the tasks you need to finish and in order to shape your project, you can make student’s guidelines and send emails. This app can add the tasks and will notify you about the deadline.

Try Nearpod

This efficient app gives you the opportunity to create interactive presentations. You can add slides in order to make the interesting interactive presentations especially if you are doing the activities like quizzes, open ended questions etc. You can use this app in order to create a guideline presentation for the classroom project but you should make sure that you are following the instructions closely.


 These were some of the useful and relevant apps for project based learning and if you want any online help for writing your assignments, you can contact to  Assignment Help. Try them once as these amazing tools can make a difference and empower the students for self directed learning.