Online Tools for Nailing Your Public Speaking Skills

There is nothing surprising if you are one of those peoples who start feeling cold sweats, shivering and shaking when it comes to speak in front of public. It is normal but there is no need to worry as with some efforts and tips, you can learn it easily. Though some people are born with speaking publicly but anyone can learn the basic public speaking skills and gain confidence with the help of technology.

Online Tools for Nailing Your Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Tools

As per Economics Assignment Help, there are some online tools which can help you to work on your speeches and enable you to practice speaking aloud. You can search these apps on internet as they are the perfect choice for gaining enough confidence to speak in front of public. Just download them and start doing preparations.


  • Popplet: It is the free and paid version which comes with flexibility options and popular among students willing to learn public speaking skills. This is the mind mapping app where you can create the plan for anything and collect ideas for giving speech around a particular topic. You can organize your thinking on different points. It is easy to use in combining texts, images and illustrations.
  • Virtual Speech: Here you can practice your public speaking skills by sitting at home in front of a realistic virtual audience. Just download this and insert your phone into the VR headset. Now you are able to present anything from the boardroom to the TED audience as it will provide you a Merge VR or Google Cardboard. Here you can take training courses and video tips. 
  • Prompt Smart Pro: This app uses a voice recognition technology and has a proper idea when you go off your script or on the tangent. It is an IPad app that can turn your device into the teleprompter. Here, you can type, copy or paste your speech. This app can control the speed and size of the text on the screen. 

Hive Brain Is Also a Good Public Speaking App

For some students, the task of speaking and presenting their thoughts in public can be daunting and here, they need to be prepared for such speaking and this tool can help them. It has been specifically designed to make the process simpler so that it could be used by students in the classroom. 

Final Words

For any type of assignment help, you can take the help of Finance Assignment Help Online. With these apps, you can learn and practice your essential public speaking skills on your own.  These are the best online apps for learning and practice the public speaking skills. Some people are really good at public speaking but with these apps, anyone can enhance and gain confidence to deliver a speech.