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Elevator Pitch

The Common Aristocrat Winery will engage to serve those people that seek quality product at an affordable price. This vineyard will offer a wide range of bubbly wines with some similar texture of beer. Due to this our all academic help experts says that it would attract both wine and beer drinkers that may reduce the dependency over one segment and associated risk accordingly. The vineyard would create such services-cape in which customers could enjoy all facets of life. Eventually, the Common Aristocrat Winery is symbolized as the devotee of refined wine aficionado  

Problem in Business Plan

The Common Aristocrat Winery will serve wine to the selected target market. An effective marketing plan of a company that provides product and service is required to consider seven marketing Ps namely product, pricing, place, promotion, people, process, physical evidence and process. The marketing plan of this company considers all aspects beside the people. In a service delivery process, people are most determining factor to facilitate effective marketing plan as product is quite inseparable from those (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).

The avoidance of people aspects in the marketing plan of this company is the major problem. The planning of other resources within the marketing plan will be ruined without the competent people. The people of in an organization play an important role to offer business success. The acquisition of all resources for marketing goes ruin due to lack of appropriate human resources. An effective and competent human resource is essential for implementing the marketing plan (Pride & Ferrell, 2011). Marketing plan of this company does not include such human resource that is essential to increase customer’s awareness about the benefits of wine for providing them a winery environment.

Plan to Solve the Problem

For addressing problem of marketing plan, a human resource plan will be formulated that includes the identification of human resources with require KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Ability) and associated cost. With such plan, the company will enable to identify areas that people is required to prepare, serve and to serve customers. At the same time, the people who will provide customers a full experience vineyard by providing them a limo pick, while tasting the wine will be also indentified with this human resource plan (Pride & Ferrell, 2012). (Get 24×7 Academic help for Students from our experts)

Due to this human resource plan, the company will get the competent people that would be effective for achieving the goals of the plan. At the same time, through this, it will be able to identify the lacking of current human resources by communicating them. The effective communication with human resources would be beneficial to shape the human resource as per the need of marketing plan. On the other hand, a planned human resource plan will also help the organization to determine the cost that would occur to recruit, select, hire and train them in effective manner (Rothwell, 2010). Eventually, this human resource plan will provide an effective floor through which the organization would be enabled to obtain right people at right time in the right cost for providing full winery experience to the customers.    



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