Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Failure Assignment Help

Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help Key Factors of ERP Implementation Failure: There are several factors that lead ERP implementation failure in the organization. Some factors include the lack of understanding of scope, size and technical aspects of the project. It makes problems for the company to create effective and successful implementation of ERP system for the project (ERP Assignment help).

In ERP implementation failure, some key factors also includes, wrong selection of ERP package, poor resource selection, lack of change management approach, resistance of new ERP system and miscalculation of time and efforts also lead in ERP implementation failure in the company. There are also factors that lead to ERP implementation failure such as misfit with business processes. In some time, implementation of ERP system fails to examine underlying business process flows that creates problem for the company and make failure of ERP implementation. Our enterprise resource planning assignment help experts says that another key factor of ERP implementation failure is related to the inadequate education and training of system. Most of the organizations underestimate or ignore this factor that leads the company in ERP implementation failure.

Poor communication is also a key factor that influences the successful implementation of ERP system in the company. Lack of proper communication in the project affects the communication process and creates problems to communicate the importance of implementation of ERP system in the company to the employees and other stakeholders. High turnover rate of project team members also creates a problem for project and presents a critical factor that lead to ERP implementation failure. Other key factors includes the poor IT infrastructure, poor knowledge transfer, poor project management effectiveness, poor quality of business process re-engineering, poor quality of testing, top management support, etc (MRP assignment help). These key factors also lead the company to ERP implementation failure.

Organization Example of ERP Failure: There are many companies those faced ERP implementation failure such as Dell, Fox-Meyer, Hershey, Nike, A-DEC, Connecticut General, etc. In this assignment help, Fox-Meyer Corporation was the largest wholesale drug distribution company in the United States, with more than $5 billion annual revenue. In order to achieve competitive advantages and prepare for growth, company decided to implement a popular ERP system. In the case of Fox-Meyer Drugs, the ERP system implemented in 1996 as SAP R/3 software that lad the company to bankruptcy proceedings and litigation against the vendors. SAP R/3 was the first information system that launched in the pharmaceutical industry. It helped the company to utilized extensive technology with automation of warehouse functions. You can also get ERP case study assignment help from our experts. Company charged lots of money in order to establish and make it effective for the customers. Company has invested two and a half year and more than $ 100m; the company could only process 2.4 percent of the overnight order. After taking a US$34 m charged to cover uncollectable shipping and inventory cost, company was forced to file for bankruptcy. Most of the trustees of company were blaming the ERP implementation for its business failure.

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