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Environment scan evaluates internal and external factors of organization. It helps firms to identify their competitive advantage, position, competencies of internal resources, external resource effect etc. For understanding of  environmental scan assignment help, Wal-Mart is selected as real world examples to conduct environment scan.

External Environment of Wal-Mart Opportunities: Asian Market: Wal-Mart has scope to enter and cover Asian market, as the disposable income of people in these markets is growing at high rate. In other words, Wal-Mart can expand its business by covering the uncovered markets of the Asian region, where economic conditions are growing significantly. Changing Customer Preferences: The preferences of customers are changing towards grocery items, so Wal-Mart should also work on developing more offers to capitalize the opportunity offered by customers not only in the USA but also across the USA. We also provide Wal-Mart case study assignment help services to our clients.

Threats: Following are several threats for Wal-Mart:

Laws: Asian market is full of opportunities, but legal systems may pose a challenge to the business plans of Wal-Mart. So, the company must take care of the legislation of these systems.

Competition: Competition is another threat to Wal-Mart, as retail industry is full of rival firms that are experimenting with their product offerings to attract customers Internal Environment of Wal-Mart/\.

Strengths: Large employee base, brand reputation, low-cost leadership position in retail industry etc are strengths of Wal-Mart. All these strong points offer a competitive advantage to Wal-Mart.

Weaknesses: Pay and performance related issues, employee discrimination and relations with suppliers are several weak points of Wal-Mart that need to be addressed effectively Competitive Advantages Wal-Mart is a retail firm of the USA that is well known for its leadership in the retail industry. The company uses a low-cost strategy that is known as its competitive advantage. With the help of low-cost strategy, Wal-Mart enjoys a superior position in the retail market as compared to its rival firms like ASDA, Tesco etc.

Strategy: Wal-Mart uses a low-cost strategy that is known as save money live better. With the help of this strategy, Wal-Mart has earned the top ranking in retail industry Value Creating Strategy Wal-Mart creates value by using the low-cost strategy that helps it to sustain the competitive advantage. The company offers value-added pricing and services to the customers to create value. For example, Pre-black Friday event is used by Wal-Mart to save the money of people. Furthermore, it offers free shipping facilities to the customers of toys, electronics, appliances, video games etc. Wal-Mart also provides money saving tips and ideas on its company website in the form of food & recipe ideas, free samples, electronics learning center, printable coupons etc. Moreover, under the save big now event, Wal-Mart offers free shipping on all snow throwers, DSLR value benefits, home value bundles, buy one get one free offer etc to create value for customers.

Apart from this, the company also offers special products on the event of Christmas like personalized, Christmas cards, gift sets & baskets and Christmas shop. Value of the day is another strategy that is used by Wal-Mart to create value for its customers, which attracts them to shop from this retail firm and revisit the stores again. The company uses different traits for its brands that are real, innovative, positive, caring and straightforward (Wal-Mart Brand Guidelines). The everyday low pricing strategy of Wal-Mart helps it to create intended value for its variety of customers. With the help of these strategies, Wal-Mart sustains its competitive advantage of being a low-cost retailer.

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